Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Darby does Christmas

Did you know that Darby has a pen pal? Well, she does. Although, you could call her more like a package pal...cuz she doesnt really wield a pen. (Tho, Im sure she could because shes a very smart little dog.)

And this Christmas, she sent Darby a package.

Which Darby is very excited about.

So excited that she has made it known that she would like some space of her own to open it.

She asks G for a little assistance.

Awwww...look. Its a little ball.

Darby loves to play catch.

Back to the paper.

You see, this package that was sent to Darby had little dog treats tied to it. Coffee cookies to be exact. And those are very, very special. Although, you cant really see them anymore because it took her all of 5 seconds to gobble them up.

But that doesnt mean that she still doesnt want to have the paper so that she can make sure they are, in fact, all gone.

She will even jump really high to get that paper.

And then pretend that shes over that paper all together.

That didnt last long....She cant fool us.

Thank you sweet Roxy for the gift. That was very, very nice of you.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Whats happening, you say?

Well, this for one.

So everything that I have had hidden in here must now come out.

You will find these little "wrapping" stations all about the house.

No, really. I mean *all* about the house.

I have been receiving packages in the mail. I love this.

I have also begun to receive these. Is this even right? Its not even January.

Do you remember my leaking dishwasher? Well, that was fixed. This guy? He had to replace some toe kicks for me. That were ruined because of said dishwasher.

I have been unpacking from a little trip. There will be more about that later. Not the unpacking, but maybe about the trip.

I have been finding my cooking utensils in very obvious places.


I have put this dinosaur castle together about 4,527 times. And it needs to be done again.

And when I get really busy? I give G an orange.

It keeps him occupied for hours.....

Monday, December 14, 2009


Every Christmas, since the kids were born, we take them out to purchase a new ornament for the tree. It gives me a good feeling to know that when they leave "the nest" that they will have a little kick start to being on their own. But more than that...they can look at those ornaments and have so many memories to go along with them.

K, being the eldest, finds it essential that she push the cart. Okay, not really. Actually what happened was she saw someone leave this cart in the middle of the parking lot. She was more than a little put off by this action and took it upon herself to take it back inside where it belonged.

G, by my side.

Inquiring if he could really choose ANY one that he wanted.

The pack stayed together for the first few minutes.....then they began to divide and conquer.

J snagged this one right away.

As Im giggling to myself about how silly and fun that will be on the tree at home, he carries it around for a bit, and surprisingly puts it back....In favor of this one. I know, right? I wasnt really given an explanation....

G loves a good car. The whole time he carried this pretty, little, blue car around he talked of his friend who likes cars, too. And that when he sees this friend hes gonna talk to him about fast cars AND raspberry jam.

K went after white and sparkly....but she says she chose it mostly because it reminded her of Darby. Darby likes to prance around at times, you know, like Prancer....especially when she has one of her favorite toys in her mouth....

Back home we go, where names and dates are applied to the special ornaments.

Then onto the tree they go. Along with a new set of happy memories.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Totally not sneaky might say, as you look at Darby lying sweetly next to the stocking adorned fireplace.

Hang on tho....look again. Right here? I do think she is talking back to me. All because I told her to stay out of that firewood.

Maybe, she says to herself, if I just look longingly at the firewood....

And by not looking at me as I tell her to stay out of that firewood. Well, Im sure she thinks she can then tell me that she didnt hear me.

And here? When she brings over HER bone to set next to the firewood...I think she feels it will distract me. Make me think that shes actually "over" that pile of firewood.

Dang it.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The witching hour

Otherwise known as dinner time around here.

I dont know about your house, but around here when it gets close to dinner time it seems that my attention is requested at all times by everyone. Making for a rather hectic environment.

So, to make things better for everyone involved, especially if they want dinner in a timely fashion...we find things to do. We, meaning, G.

And we *always* do them with a smile.

And sometimes, we even become one with the activity. See? Hes a really spooky dinosaur.

Now mind you, dinner on a good night, runs about 30 minutes to an hour to be prepared. I cant even begin to tell you just how many activities get done in that amount of time.

On this specific evening it was brought to my attention that his hunger level was beyond him. He was famished he tells me. And being so hungry makes me tired, mama, he says.

Is that why youre making a bed in the laundry room, son?

Yes, mama. It is.

But also its so that when I get my rest I can be close to the table so that when you say dinner is ready I dont have that far to go.