Monday, January 31, 2011

Christmas and beyond

Christmas is totally over. Did you know that? In fact, tomorrow is the first day of February. Just in case you were wondering.

But, lets rewind a little bit. Our Christmas this year was much different than a
ny other that we had in the past. Normally we spend Christmas eve with my ma and she fixes a fabulous meal of baked ham, mac and cheese, green beans, and biscuits. Christmas morning we would open *our* set of gifts, have S's homemade cinnamon rolls, and then rush around crazy so that we could head out for his folks...we had to be on the road by 9 am.

This year however, we were(well, I mean we still are) in Washington. And the
family is not. So, we did a whole lot of computer communication.

And there were a whole lot of boxes being delivered.

K got this chair that she had been wanting FOREVER. I think this is why I hardly see her out of her room these days....

J was super excited about this game he received and had to show grammy via our Skype session just how amazing it was.

After the holidays were done and the tree was all cleaned off we threw it out to the animals. After an initial burst of enthusiasm, they were not at all interested.

Weve had some super nice weather in the last several I can say that the coop is now sporting a really nice door.

And well, when the weather wasnt so nice...I had one of these made especially for Dolly.

Thats right. A llama coat. Dolly came over to me one day and told me that the cold temperatures were, well, cold. So, I, being able to totally relate to being cold and not liking it one bit...jumped into action and contacted a lady here in eastern WA that makes llama coats.

S is trying to convince her that everything is fine.

He offers her some grain which she readily accepts. She likes her grain.

And theres Toni in the background...seeing Dolly getting grain, but realizing that there may be some type of ulterior motive to it.

Dolly did a great job with letting us put her coat on. The next morning when I went out to feed everyone she told me that the coat kept her super warm. She did say however, that she didnt really like the noise it made when she moved around....

But clearly she got used to it. I mean, it definitely wasnt keeping her from enjoying her breakfast.