Monday, February 21, 2011


This is where we normally feed the llama ladies.

Yep, right there. I have a couple rubbermaid tubs that I fill with hay and then I set
them in there. Its quite easy actually.

You see, in the evenings the goats normally get put to bed in their little goat stall in the barn and that leaves the llamas out all night to happily enjoy the pastures on their own. And then they can eat as they please from their little rubbermaid tubs.

Well, as of late, we have been experimenting.

We have been leaving the goat boys out all night along with the llamas.

They seem to love it. I will look out there of an evening and they are all bedded
down next to each other....peace...harmony....

Except for one little detail.

These sweet, little goat boys...

Who are clearly starved for attention...

And never get any belly scratches....

Or great big hugs....

Yeah those goats.

They wont let the lovely llama ladies eat in peace. They jump right in those rubbermaid tubs and go to town on that hay. And while Im all about sharing and all that good stuff...I really like to be able to monitor their hay intake. Especially Dollys...who is getting older and needs more food in the winter months.

So what to do?

S came up with a really great idea to make hay feeders just for the llamas.

So those super friendly, in your personal space goats, couldnt reach them.

Only trouble is...they are kinda too high. Toni (and Dolly) have a hard time reaching them.

We could lower them, but as you can see from one of the previous pictures...if we lower them too much more then those goat boys will be able to get to them.

Yeah, those same goat boys I talked about earlier.

The ones that never get scratches till they doze off...

The ones that never get to play the head butt game with dad....

The ones that would certainly never show you their sweet, little goat butts.

Do you guys have any suggestions?

Monday, February 14, 2011

A taste of Spring

This past weekend proved to be quite gorgeous in terms of weather...highs in the 60's and intermittent sunshine.

And altho the kids loved spending it outside...Im sure doing yard work
wasnt what they had in mind.

At any rate....I looked at this flowerbed for the millionth time and said enough was enough. It was time for a little bit of Spring cleaning.

We got to work and began clearing out all the debris from last season and loaded it up in my trusty wagon. That wagon is looking a little weary these days. But not to got all fixed up by S as we were working.

G is telling me that raking is a whole lot of hard work.

Now hes putting a little emphasis on that statement by telling me just how worn out he is. Being 4 is really hard at times.

Lucky for him he has a really great big brother who offered to help.

And that break wasnt very long lived. Before I knew it G was in the back yard starting on a whole new spot.

Water and soap are always attractive to a 4 year old.

After very specific instruction he says hes ready for a go at it all on his own.

We were all very happy to see brand new green growth. Soon to be tulips to be exact.

And look! Even a tiny bit of color with some precious yellow crocuses.

Between the 4 of us, we busted out those flower beds. And now when I walk by this one....not only does it make me happy that its all pretty and clean, but it reminds me that Spring really is just around the corner.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Good for the heart

What started out with something so simple....

And just a teeny, tiny mess.

Evolved into something so beautiful.

I have a dear friend who has been feeling under the weather. The kids set about to bring a smile to her face. I believe they did just that. And in the midst of them bringing a smile to her face....they made my heart feel good, too. It always so nice to see them doing something so special for someone else.