Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sorting and Storing

Everyone in my family loves a good book. One thing we all agree on is that we love to read!

The news of us moving has caused us to think ahead a bit and begin to sort through things that we dont necessarily need to take with us across the country.

Books tho? How does one part with a book? (it is very, very hard)

Well, if youre G...you dont. But you do ride around on patrol to make sure that the job is getting done.

If youre K, you make one pile as high as it will go before falling...that has always been her thing.

J? Well, he just has random piles all over. Im sure he has a system. Im sure its a good one. I just let him be and it all turns out fine.

And S? Im not even sure how he got through them all. I just know that there were a lot!

The goal is to sort and decide what you would like to keep, what you would like to try to sell, and what you would like to donate to the local library. Look how much progress we have made.

G must have seen something going on that he needed to take care of. For off he jumped from his patrol car and over to the tub of books he was.

As always, Darby is a huge help.

And somehow in the midst of all the book mayhem...J came across his treasured trophies.

From when he competed on a tumbling and trampoline team. It was fun to listen to him revisit those competitions and listen to his stories.

All in all, I think we did okay. This is what we ended up keeping.

And we also have 2 tubs to donate to the library and one tub to sell. Goodbye sweet books. We will miss you.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gallery A La K

The crafty craftster, K and her trusty sidekick, Mama.

Did you know that duct tape came in so many colors?

Well, it does. And this is this is what K is all about these days....Creating masterpieces out of the stuff. Take whats in this box, for example. We refer to it as Robin's box. Just in case you were wondering.

Robin and his friend, Miss Sly, live in this box.

They are very important to a certain little guy that lives here....they go with him everywhere these days.

Then we have Bob and Larry.

We were VERY excited on Christmas morning to receive them.

Snacks. Because you know how much I love a good snack.

She makes handbags and pillows and dolls and bears.

And gifts for very special friends. A giraffe....her favorite!

And very cool dresses. Cool from the front.

And the back.

There are many, many more things that she has made. BUT, my favorite out of the whole entire bunch?

My new laptop satchel.

Its even lined in felt.

So, when I want to say, go fancy a farm, say, in Oregon......I slip my laptop in my very fun satchel, stick it in my backpack.....and off I go!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Well, its official

The snow is finally beginning to melt.

And the house is officially on the market.

See? Its so official that we have an official outdoor greeter.

And official indoor greeters.

So, in the meantime, while I wait for the crowds and crowds of people that I know will be soon flocking to our house...I will play with Darby.

And when Im done doing that, my friends and I will relax on the couch.

And have some snacks.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Big, Huge, and Huger

So, do you remember several weeks ago when I took a little trip?

Well, it was a very important trip.

I had to do really BIG things there. Like iron.

So, its a good thing they left me some snacks. Cuz, well, I dont iron. So, I needed to work up to that.

But, all in all, I think the ironing thing went pretty well.

Our suitcases ended up being quite difficult to roll around. Mainly because when we were on our trip they were just finishing up from some kinda fluke ice storm. But also because there was salt everywhere.

I have to say tho, the place we stayed in really watched out for us. They had this all nicely prepared for us so that we could get our suitcases back in working order.

Okay, so anyway...after I got done ironing I had to do something HUGE. (But wait,I had to take one last long look at my sweet husband. Doesnt he look good?)

And then I had to drop him off here. He had a job interview after all. And for some reason, they said I couldnt hang out with them.

So, I kissed him good bye and got in my rental car, that was equipped with a lovely GPS, (that I borrowed from my ma) and I headed out to explore.

But first? Breakfast. Hot tea and a very yummy bagel.

I drove all over the town, just looking around, checking things out. I stopped at one place and decided I needed to park behind this guy. Cmon, if you see a truck loaded with straw....doesnt that just make you feel happy?

And then another time I saw this. If I had been feeling homesick this would have done the trick. I felt so close to that train.

They have a really great river there. Its called the Columbia River. I hear its very mighty.

And altho it happened to be very foggy that day....it was still very, very beautiful.

But, even HUGER, are the size of the tumbleweeds they have there.

I dont mind tumbleweeds. I mean, I dont think I do. Ive never really been around a tumbleweed. Ill find out soon enough tho, if they will become friend or foe...Since were moving there and all!!!!!