Friday, September 26, 2008


Since moving to this town almost a year ago, it was made clear very early on that sports are a very big deal. The community comes together and supports the schools very passionately for all things sports. Other things too, but its a well known fact that football is something sacred here. So, we were not let down when we got to see the Homecoming parade this afternoon.

We had to have a lookout person. Can you go to a parade without one? Someone has to holler out...Here they come!

Waiting very patiently for things to get going....and enjoying the sounds of the marching band as well. we go....keep on throwing that candy out here.

Im not sure what the draw is for these here golf carts. But around here they are ridden all around town.

Look at all this good see it? Here..let me show you.

Pretty cool float. Bet that took some time and some kids to pull that off. Oh and lots of pencils, glue, and tissue paper. Ahhhh...the good ol days. Do you guys remember making floats?

One of G's friends. Im thinking he has it made. The kids are just bringing him the candy....he doesnt even have to get up outta the wagon. No, he gets to sit nice and easy under the little umbrella.

Pretty horses. They just seem so big to me.

Okay son, get back here. Step away from the float with all the pretty girls on it. Mama's not ready for all that.

His shadow. It really is very intriguing. Grabbed his attention for quite some time. That is until he got tagged in the head by a bag of skittles.

Theres K...way over there...across the street from mama.....shes at that age where hanging out with her pals is serious business.....and dont think I didnt notice you looking at that boy. We will talk about this when we get home, young lady.

Loading up to head back home....time for lunch and naps....

3 bags of candy made it home...mama still needs to go thru it and take out some of the good stuff for herself....What? Dont shake your head at me. You know you do that too.

And as I sit here on my couch this evening, watching the debate on television, I am so close to the school that I can hear the marching band playing and the football fans cheering and the commentator talking as the breeze carries the sounds of community thru my open windows.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Autumn has arrived

Around these here parts, Indian summers and the first cool days of Autumn are signified by one thing.

The Honeycrisp apple.

Even tho the date denotes that Autumn is upon us, the temperatures have not. This is why I say Indian summers go along just as easily with this particular apple.

People come from far and wide to buy this apple by the bushels. Thats how good it is. Included in those said people would be my MIL, who lives 3 hours south of me. She makes a trip here every Autumn to purchase some of these apples.

This apple is so darn popular that even folks like myself, who normally avoid large crowds, will go to the orchard to get some. In fact, it seems that on this particular day, I was willing to forgo the aforementioned aversion to crowds AND ignore the rain that seemed to be falling on me as I made my way to the orchard shop!

Once inside the shop, the next step was to find a wagon. Have you ever tried to carry bushels of apples without a wagon? You have? Well, you must be really strong. Of course, in order to get a wagon I had to make my way back outdoors, in the rain, to the wagon corral. Which was EMPTY. Hmph. Excuse me, Miss You Look Like a Nice Lady, are you done with that wagon? No, she says. In my head I say, Well, it looks like you are done with that wagon. Then she says, Actually, you can go ahead and take it....Im just waiting for someone. Then, in my head again, I say, Did I actually say that out loud? Im pretty sure I was just thinking that...I hope I didnt say that outloud.....So, I say, Thanks. This is really gonna help me out.

Me and my wagon go back in the shop and find my MIL, who is now requesting even more apples from the lady working in the back. As she managed to clear the ones from the shelf in a matter of minutes. As we are waiting for the rest of her apples, we overhear a small group of college kids gasping at the price of the Honeycrisp apple. They want how much for that apple? Are you serious? That has to be wrong? Who would pay that much for an apple? To which my MIL replies, have you tasted it? Well, no, they say. Okay, my MIL says, well, you really need to taste it. Then you will know why people pay so much for this apple. Yeah, right, they say. It cant be that good. So one of the employees comes out with some pieces of the apple and the next thing you hear is, OMG, this is so good. Are you for real? How could we not have known this was so good? How much do we each have to pay if we split a bag?

The power of the apple. It brings even the toughest critics to their knees.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Super, crazy fast sneakers

This cross country starts TOO early in the morning.

Friday, September 19, 2008

I heart shoes

So, we ran into a little glitch when we took K in to get her sports physical so that she could run in cross country. A little glitch that has lasted for just over 6 weeks. 6 weeks of practice that she could not participate in. 6 weeks of training that she missed out on.

We had 6 weeks of waiting and K standing in as "manager" of the team....and manager she was. She kept those kids in line, she kept them hydrated, and she kept them pushing on.....oh yeah, and she got to ride in the little golf cart. Who wouldnt love that.

Thursday we received the call of good news. They were finally willing to clear her physical and she could run! This was cause for a celebration in these here parts! Of course, she was at school when the good news came in. So, when she got home I told her there was something waiting on the counter for her.

Was she ever excited.

This evening then, we had to go in search of some sneakers. Running sneakers. Super fast sneakers. Crazy fast sneakers.....

But of course, you cant go in a shoe store with 2 tween girls(okay, really with anyone) (okay, maybe not your husband) and just look at what you are after,
right? I mean, cmon, we ARE talking about shoes here. Who doesnt love shoes? (Did I mention that we went out after sneakers? Crazy fast sneakers?)(Cuz I dont believe I got even one shot of her sneakers. Her super fast sneakers.)

Monday, September 15, 2008


In my earlier post I said something that I now feel like I need to clarify. I mentioned that going to the beach was ONE of the funnest days of my trip. Now, let me just say that is was fun for many, many reasons.

Watching Roxy run so fast she was quite literally skimming the top of the water.

Sitting in the sand laughing at Danni and Roxy playing....or maybe it was just
Danni playing....Im not really seeing Rox anywhere.

Admiring the tide pools and realizing that we were, in fact, admiring the same exact spot at the same exact time.

But even all of that comes in close second to the time we were sitting right here.

And Danni says, hold still, you have a Roxy hair stuck under your sunglasses. And then she proceeds to pull the hair out of my head. Yes, pulled it right out. To which I say, OWWWW....Im pretty sure that was MY hair. Maybe you actually found a gray one and it looked like Roxy's, but that hair was for sure still attached to my head.

And then there is this.

See that dark spot on the top of my wrist? No? Look closer. Thats the remnants of a nice, little bruise. This would have been the time where I was told that I needed to be schooled on how to utilize Roxy's leash. I was doing it all wrong. So, I am given leash usage 101. Shortly after that, Roxy gets to come off the leash. Danni pulls the leash back and totally tags me with the latch right on my wrist. OWWWW...I say. That hurt. Wow, Im sorry, she says. Its okay, I say. Not knowing at the time that she gave me a bruise. Which later she pointed out and asked me where I got that. And then
answered her own question...I bet you got that when I smacked you with the leash. Hmmmm...I bet I did. Its okay tho, I forgive you.

And lets not forget that very pretty, sunny afternoon where she says, Lets eat lunch on the deck. Okay, I say. That sounds fun. Somehow, the umbrella was only shading her. But I was okay with that. I like the sun. Even when it is 87 degrees of sun beating down on my fair skinned, blondish/brown haired head. It was still fun. That is until, upon minding my own business, I reach my hand down to use my napkin that has been placed ever so gently in my lap...only to get stung by a yellow jacket right on my thumb. Did I mention they have these crazy, stalker like yellow jackets at their place right now? Yes. Yes they do. *shiver* I can still remember that yucky feeling that you get when you are stung by a bee......

Even after all that great fun tho, I was very sad to leave. The week went by much faster than I ever could have imagined. But then it always does when you are in great company and having fun, right? But dont think for a minute that Im not on to her. I made sure to leave before these babies got ripe.

Or I just know she would have had me smashing them with my bare feet just like that I Love Lucy episode.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Home again, home again, jiggety jig

I have made it home and was welcomed with sloppy toddler kisses and tween hugs. As well as handsome husband embraces. All is right with the world when you get those time stopping hugs from your husband and you just breathe him all in.

However, there is no way I could not give a send off to my great friend and farm pal, Danni.

And you thought I was the only one who found a friend in the lumberjack. She just tried to make it seem like Roxy was the one who wanted to sit on his lap.

Okay. See the lady? Did you know you CANT pump your own gas in Oregon? What the heck? She came right up to the vehicle and totally asked how much gas you needed and then got it for you. And she seemed as tho she ENJOYED pumping the gas. Can you say spoiled? I was in awe the WHOLE time at the gas station. And Danni was worried that I wouldnt have any fun.....

I got to go the feed store. That was a great experience. We even know people on a first name basis there. I think I am getting reprimanded here for taking pictures instead of helping to pick out poultry feeders/waterers.

The beach was one of the funnest days. Our little break we decided to indulge in....a lot of relaxing and playing with Rox. I tried to tell her not to feed the birds...she never listens to me. It always starts out nicely...then they get a little worked up.....then they just seem to want to eat you whole.

Of course, taking a little time to smell the flowers is always a good idea.

Tumeric, tumeric....I know you are here somewhere. I need you for the pickles.

Dot. Sweet little Dot. Just likes to do her own thing....her own her own time.....she just has to have it just so.

It was a sad day to leave and begin my travels back home. We had such a great time and did so many fun things...and laughed so, so much. But, I have to say, it made my heart full on that last day to see that I had earned my spot on the morning coffee cup set up. As you can see, it progressed quite naturally.....and even tho I drink tea, not coffee....I still have a spot. Gotta love that.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Donkey time

I had great fun when we got to go out and play with the donkeys. Before we got started tho, I of course needed Donkey Safety 101. Which was very helpful to me since this is the first time I have ever been around a donkey. Never allow myself to get in between 2 donks, if they get a little pushy with the treats then just gently push them them who is in charge, if for some reason they suddenly feel inclined to run after me....then I am to run. Okay, got it. Run.

It was all fine tho. I only managed to get my foot stepped on once. And clearly, that was my own fault. My foot was evidently right where Brownie wanted to place his. So, a few sore toes. Nothing tragic.

They really are so very sweet. Its just very relaxing and calm
ing to be out there with them. Lovin on em, scratching those great big ears. Whats not to like about that, right?

We had to get the jolly ball out. How can I NOT see the donks play with the jolly ball? It was so funny to watch them. Pistol was for sure in charge of the ball. Every once in a while he would offer it up to the other guys. Mostly tho in the form of nudging them with it or sorta swinging it in front of their faces. Almost like he had the great idea to share and then after a minute he decided, ummm, actually no...I dont think I would like to share right now.

But, as you can see it wasnt just the donks that were having a great time....Im pretty sure Danni was having fun, too.