Sunday, June 29, 2008

Its okay, really. I have it all under control.

Is it bad that I have to mute the TV and close my eyes when a commercial comes on for the next episode of Design Star? All because I record it and have yet to watch the newest episode and all the commercials they show are for the next show and I havent seen the other one yet to know who got kicked off.....

I dunno, this may be a problem.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Everyday things

I usually dont let myself go this long without posting. Even if it just a reflection of a day or a gardening entry.

I have been so busy with trying to get the yard changed from a mud pit to a lush, green lawn...and then scrubbing down the little guy who seems to bring all the yard in with him!

I have been tending to the veggie garden and watching my tomatoes and cukes really take off.

I have had to take shelter in the basement a few times as tornadoes and hail and torrential downpours have managed to make it past my high tech anti tornado system. Otherwise known as me asking it to stay away and it not listening.

I have been traveling a bit and taking care of recuperating kids.

Of course, I have been out to see my wonderful llama friends. Who, I have to say steal my heart more and more each time I go out there. I had the chance to go out there and see them getting sheared, but I was not able to make it. Maybe another time. Cuz you know, when I am lucky enuf to get my own, its nice to have a little idea of how things are supposed to go. Im not saying they will go that way, but nice to know, right!

I have been shopping and shipping for my summer swap. I always have a fun time doing that. That one is over, but a new one is taking place. Try it out and see how much fun it is.

Oh, and lots of sesame street. I have been watching lots of that.

I have been reading all your blogs, just not posting on my own! Keep writing. I love to read them.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

llama body language

Earlier today I posted about my terrific visit with the llamas. I am still on cloud nine.

The smaller one was a bit more apprehensive. I posted this pic and mentioned that even tho I didnt know much about llama body language, I was pretty sure this look was not a good one. It looked like a stay away from me kinda look to me. Like if you come closer, I may be forced to do something not nice.

I found this while I was doing a little llama research. If you scroll down a little bit you will see a similar ear position on a different llama. It pretty much gets summed up to mean...Stay Away.

It is a warning. Like a pre spit warning. According to the site, it says that llamas dont really like to spit because it leaves such a bad taste in their mouth. So, they try to give warnings so they dont have to. They are cute and they have good communication skills. Who knew?

Meet my new friends

We went to Pontious Farm this morning to pick some strawberries. And pick we did.

We got about 2 lbs of berries. Thats just enuf for one batch of freezer jam. Or some yummy smoothies. Or just some plain, delicious berries! It was actually pretty slim pickins. The patch had been pretty picked over. Seeings how it was on a first come first served system! Must have been many berry hunters before us. But we did okay and we all had a great time. Of course, some of us ate more than we picked!

They had a little spot for the kids where there was a swing set and a huge sandbox and some picnic tables. They had a great, big, super, furry dog named Harley. Who, I have to say, was not all that fond of G. I think she was fine with the bigger kids, but had come to realize that the little ones maybe get a little carried away. So, we move
d on. They had some geese, a farms worth of cats, and some horses.

I, however, was on the lookout for the llamas. One of the owners had said they were over in the barn lot. K and I were searching every nook and cranny we could find. No llamas. Then, I hear K
hollering for me to come quick. She found them. So, G and I stepped up the pace and caught up with K who was on the other side of the field. And there they were. 2 of the cutest things on Earth. They were way back in the middle of the field. The moment they saw us they headed over. I mean the moment they saw us. They were so sweet. They approached us and checked us out. Smelled us to make sure we were okay. We passed the test with flying colors!

You have to understand that as much as I talk about llamas, this was really the first time I have ever got to really see one. Close up. Really touch one and get to watch them. I have always been drawn to them for some reason. But have never had the opportunity to be around them. I fell in love. Just like I knew I would.

Meet Thumbelina.

She was bigger and for sure more friendly than the little one. But, the owner did say that they had just recently gotten the little one and she was still trying to figure everything out. Trying to get used to her new surroundings.

Hook, line, and sinker. How can he resist that? A great big llama hug. If S was ever unsure of my desire to one day have a farm with some llamas...he has no doubts now. I mean, come on, how could he after that?

This is Izzy. I believe, also known as, Isadora Junebug.

She was smaller than Thumbelina, but I am not sure of the age difference. She would eat from your hand, but was really not liking the idea of anyone touching her. I am not real up on llama body language, but this pic looks like she just wants us to leave her alone.

I was in heaven. They were so sweet. So curious. So much softer than I could have imagined. They just soaked up the llama love and gave it all back to you in return. They tried to get a hold of my sunglasses and managed to swipe G's hat!

I could have stayed there for hours just playing and watching and cuddling. But, G had to have his nap. So, we had to leave and everyone was a little sad to do so. But we will for sure go back.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

What is it?

It used to be my driveway. Now it is a huge, massive mountain of compost that will be used later to spread all over the property before the seed is spread.

What about this? A mole? A great, big groundhog?

Nah...we dug those trenches on purpose. We have begun the irrigation system. We now have several trenches all over the yard that look just like this. They will contain the piping for the water to run thru which will end up sprinkling my lawn so that I may one day have luscious, green grass. Because when you live in a subdivision you have to have that kind of grass. The kind that you can walk on with tender little toes.
Why? No idea. It just appears to be the rules. While I try to abide by rules most of the time(okay, sometimes) we do what we can with the grass. And usually, it does not end up looking remotely close to any of the other yards. I end up having more flowers then grass. And more vegetables then grass. With a few trees thrown in for good measure.

And this? This is where we hose down the little one after he has been ever so helpful by moving the dirt in his dump truck!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008




Tuesday, June 3, 2008


If it would ever stop raining....I could get out there to take a picture of the tree we planted. The one that was I was so long in choosing.

If it would ever stop raining....I could get out there and show you how great my tomatoes are doing and the herbs that I planted.

If it would ever stop raining....we could start our lawn irrigation system project. We meaning, not me. Rather my husband and his dad. I will just be in charge of making sure they stay hydrated and have full bellies.

If it would ever stop raining....we could get the irrigation system done and then get some grass seed down and maybe, just maybe my house wont look like I have dirt floors all the time.

But then...if it would ever stop raining and we got to get all that done and got the grass seed wouldnt rain again for a long, long time because thats how my luck works!