Monday, April 27, 2009

Rain makes you wet

My peas. Yes, those in the container. Can you believe it? I am actually getting something to grow in a container. Shh..dont tell the peas I said that.

They love the rain.

This little girl. Not so much. Just look at those ears. They can tell a story all by themselves.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Busy Day

Friday turned out to be a long day of various odd jobs, errands, and appts. One of which was G's 3 year check up.

Before we could leave the house we had to look our best.

Proper foot wear is always a must.

We wouldnt get very far without this.

In Illinois we have to pump our own gasoline. Sadly, this means that I cant use that time to shave my legs or make my nails look pretty...but, G on the other hand, well, he likes to create masterpieces while he waits.

After we get all that taken care of we make our way to the Dr. We get all settled in and they call us back to the exam area. He listens very intently to the directions.

Even tho he listened...Im not sure he really understood what she was actually going to do.

This isnt so bad.

Ill stand here, but just remember, Im watching you.

Please let me be tall, please let me be tall....

He got to look at umbrellas and houses and apples.

The lent him a lovely gown.

And now we wait...for the Dr to come in.

His appt went really well. He passed with flying colors. He talked to the Dr about the fact that he always had to wear his helmet when he rides his bike, that his mama always makes him wear screen(sunscreen) when he plays outside, and that he really likes fruit salad. Oh, and that soda is not a good idea for big boys because its too spicy.

We said our goodbyes, packed up our stuff, and made our way to the van. After we got loaded up and were finally on our way back home, G says to me, "Mama, may we go home now? Im sleepy." Sure thing, big guy.....

Friday, April 10, 2009

Try, try again

Another rainy day. It has been so rainy and wet here that we have not had the opportunity to get out to the yard and get our raised beds built. For most of the things that I plant thats not really an issue.

But for those cold weather crops, like peas and carrots and lettuces...well, I dont really have a place to put them.

After much thought and discussion(in my head) I decided to plant a couple things in containers. For most people the idea of container gardening doesnt pose much of a problem. I, on the other hand, seem to have issues with it. And for some reason they are still unresolved. Unresolved issues...I hear that those arent a good thing to have.

So, as not to let the container get the best of me, I set out to try this one more time. Maybe it will help that I am wearing S's shoes instead of my own.

Here we have an empty pot. WITH drainage holes. I tell myself that this has to be a good start.

I have read that putting some rocks in the bottom of your pot helps with drainage. How many? I have no idea. I let G decide that.

And then he made them all pretty.

Its always good to have some moral support.

So then we mixed up some compost and top soil.

And scooped it into the pots. I took a break right about here. G looked like he may be awhile with that size scoop....

Ohhhh...pretty peas. I brought these pretty peas home with me all the way from Oregon.

G was pretty sure that the ones in his hands were ready to eat right now...I had to explain to him that that was not the case.

We got them laid out on the soil and then pushed them in.

Next up? Carrots.

We stuck some markers in.

And then we were all done. Or so you THOUGHT. This is where I talk to the sweet little seeds and let them know how much I love them and that I will take very good care of them. I will move you outside in the beautiful sunshine as soon as S gets home. Please, please, please grow for me in the containers. Thats what I said. Then I watered them and patted them ever so gently....

Off to clean up.

Shiny and clean.

The end.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A day to celebrate

You really dont have to ask me twice to do some baking in the kitchen. It happens to be one of my favorite things to do. And given that we had reason to celebrate yesterday it made it all the more fun.

Did you know that things go a lot smoother when you have all your ingredients out and ready? The sugar was looking a little low, so we thought it best to fill it up.

Oh dear.

Lets try again.

This time we made it to the counter. And amazingly enough the bag was still intact.

Fill er up.

Can you guess what we are making?

Now for the wet ingredients. (Only after he asks if he could have a drink of it, of course.)

Mix it all up.

Official taste tester.

Look mama. I made some art.

Happy Birthday, Hunny.

Im pretty sure you should have had more candles on that cake.

Make a wish.