Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A small road trip

Yesterday we had to take a little road trip. It was time for Darby to go in to get spayed.

She was not that happy about the whole thing.

She couldnt seem to find that one perfect spot during the car ride.
So, she tried out a few.

I could tell she was sleepy, but she had a hard time giving in.

Eventually she did tho and she took a little nap.

While she napped, we had some lunch. S had a ham and cheese on white.

I had a PB and J on honey oat bread.

G played a great game of travel hide and seek.

And J, well, he made himself comfortable.

Just ears.

We saw little pups while we were there to drop Darby off.

And G made a new friend.

I will call tonight after she gets picked up from the vet to check and see how everything went...and we will pick her up in the morning. I cant wait to have her back home.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Garden Update

It has been hot. Really hot. Today we topped out at a sultry 93 degrees. Right now as I write this it is 903 pm and we have dropped to a pleasant 84 degrees.

To combat the heat we do fun things. This is one of G's sprinklers.

It has little misters(I totally just made that word up right now) on the side and then every minute or so it blows its top. This part makes G laugh every time.

He likes the idea of a sprinkler, but insists that he doesnt want to get wet in the sprinkler. So, he goes in with his shield to keep himself dry.

But wait, its also a rain barrel. What? You cant tell the difference?

And this is a wet Darby. She likes to get wet in the sprinkler.

Alright, on to the garden. Please note my interim garden shoes.

I am growing, what I hope will turn out to be a sunflower house, for G. Look past all the weeds, please.

And these little sunflowers are in a delicate phase right now. That means that the "big" weed eater is not allowed near them. So, I must resort to special tools.

But look how pretty it looks when Im all done!

On to the tomatoes.

Yay! Little maters.

And little basils.

Taters and red peppers.


Green beans, edamame, and cukes.

Baby cukes.

Flowering green beans.

And great big pumpkins.

With little bitty pumpkins.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Visiting and chores.

Ive been gone. Where was I, you ask? I was hanging out at Critter Farm and visiting with my great friend, Danni.

Traveling to see her is one of my most favorite things to do. And I am beginning to think that my stopping by has become one of their favorite things,too. How can I tell? Would it be by the showering of confetti and streamers? Nah....its much better than that. I can tell because they always have a list of things for me to do when I arrive. Thats how I know that they really like me.

This time I was entrusted to do many, many things. So many, in fact, that I wont even list them all here. But, I will be nice and show you a few.

I got to sweep out the barn.

Plant some tomatoes.

Harvest some very yummy candy striped beets.

They even let me use the clippers for several different tasks.

I got to plant some zucchini seeds. 2 different kinds.

And I got to watch Roxy swipe a strawberry right off the plant and then become a little confused on if she should be eating it or not...I think really she was just waiting for someone to cut it up for her.

I did not, however, get up on the roof to remove the pine needles.

Nor did I try to catch that really cool snake we saw.

All those chores were really fun. But lest I confuse you and make you think that all they had me do was work , work ,work...let me show you what else I got to do.

I had some one on one time with Pete and Reggie.

I sat by a really great campfire.

I got to take Pete and Reggie to pasture. Shhhh..I also sat there and watched them...I could have done that for hours.

I even got to watch Pete run and run and run...and then. Sleep.

And look what I got to take home for all my hard work.

Upon my return home I received word that I was not quite done with my chores after all. I was asked if I had planted my sweet, darling, baby Douglas fir trees.

And to that I can say, yes. Yes, I did.