Sunday, December 30, 2007

Basement galore

Basement walls....check. Basement windows....check. Basement floor....not so much. It should be next.

I have decided on black shutters and cream trim to go along with the green siding.

I am still waiting on the cabinet estimates. I did however get the cabinet layout and it looks great. I will have to change a few things, but overall it looks like it should be really nice. I am worried about the whole microwave over the range deal, tho. I have never been a fan of this space saving idea. I remember that my step-dad had one in his home and it was always dirty and so close to the range. I am concerned that when I get out all my canning equipment that it will be hard to negotiate it around the microwave over head. Does anyone have any suggestions on this? Are there other options out there that I am unaware of?

A big shout out to everyone for the new year. I will be busy trying to stay awake till midnight. I will be busy stuffing my face with lots of great food, like meat balls and taco dip and moon pie....mmmmmmmm


boogiemum said...

We have our microwave over our range and I am not the biggest fan. I live the space it saves, but it does make it difficult to maneuver sometimes. My hubby, being tall, cannot see the range very well either. Especially the back burners or timer. I would look into putting the microwave into another part of the kitchen if you could. I have always like them when they are built into the cabinets, but not over the range.

Oh, and happy New Year! :)

Anonymous said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR FRUGALMOM! Looks like you'll have an exciting '08! :)

the fruitfemme said...

Nice place you've got here! I just happened upon your blog looking for frugal & green mommy tips. Great site. Good luck with the move! the ff

frugalmom said...

boogiemum: Hey stranger! Nice to hear from ya. I can relate to your hubby, altho on the other end of the scale. I am quite short..and that makes it hard to get in and out of the microwave! I am still trying to think of another way to incorporate it!

farm mom: For sure I will....I so can't wait till my CSA share starts in April. You can I can share canning stories! Since this will be your first canning year.

the fruitfemme: Thanks for stopping by. I am pretty proud of my blog...I am always looking for new ways to be green and frugal. Kinda hard to do sometimes...but challenge is good, right? I hope you keep reading! Make sure to comment so you can meet all the great folks around here.

Gnightgirl said...

Happy New Year.

I cleaned my over the range microwave today, and thought of you. I like it. I hate appliances that take up counter space or require another piece of furniture (I have limited living space).

AND, when the microwave is up high like that, you can see the "ceiling" of the thing, and that it needs to be wiped down NOW, before it gets out of control (I think of our disgusting work microwaves...)