Sunday, December 30, 2007

Basement galore

Basement walls....check. Basement windows....check. Basement floor....not so much. It should be next.

I have decided on black shutters and cream trim to go along with the green siding.

I am still waiting on the cabinet estimates. I did however get the cabinet layout and it looks great. I will have to change a few things, but overall it looks like it should be really nice. I am worried about the whole microwave over the range deal, tho. I have never been a fan of this space saving idea. I remember that my step-dad had one in his home and it was always dirty and so close to the range. I am concerned that when I get out all my canning equipment that it will be hard to negotiate it around the microwave over head. Does anyone have any suggestions on this? Are there other options out there that I am unaware of?

A big shout out to everyone for the new year. I will be busy trying to stay awake till midnight. I will be busy stuffing my face with lots of great food, like meat balls and taco dip and moon pie....mmmmmmmm

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Here it is!

The beginnings of our brand new home. They began excavation on Tuesday and when we drove by today it looked like they were getting ready to set up some of the basement forms. How cool is that?

We had to go pick out kitchen cabinets today and counter tops. Talk about choices. I have it narrowed down to 2 different cabinet choices and, I think, 2 different counter top choices. What started as flat panels, raised panels, oak(not so much), maple(nice), hickory(I wish), ...then natural, fawn, autumn, june, september, and whatever other color of stain that you can think of....with newly added things like cocoa glazes and pencil trims...I can say that when we left the cabinet place I had it narrowed down to 2. One of which, is my first choice, and it happens to be a custom made cabinet. By the Amish. As she tells me this I say in my head, right, like I could ever afford that. Of course that would be my first choice. Heaven forbid my first choice be something that is actually in my allowance. No, no, I like to make things difficult. So, we sit back and wait for all the numbers to come rolling in. Then sit back and begin the apples and oranges debate.

Here is the siding color. It is actually a warm sage green. The color is really different in this picture. So, I need to choose a shutter color. Should it be black, brick red, sienna brown, or burgundy? Tell it like it is. What's your choice?

Sunday, December 16, 2007


And we are back.

I am so excited to say that we have gotten moved into the rental and placed the kids into their new schools. We have waited the customary 2 weeks to get all of our utilities lined up. We will just get into a routine of proper billing and paying and then it will be time to move again.

No worries. It will all be worth it when we are moved into our new house with all of our green choices. We have closed on our previous house and everything was signed, sealed, and delivered. We have signed on the dotted line for our new home so that they can begin the building process. A perk to living in a small town...things like building permits are potentially approved much quicker. The downside to living in a small town...the person who approves those building permits has his own time line, which in our case, is part time. I can see a squeaky wheel in this guys future!

Upon having our land surveyed and marked for digging, we have also been made aware that our neighbors have built their fence almost 2 feet into our property. Bad you say? Yes, I say. I am not sure how this will play out, but I can see big machinery making a big mess of known fence. One more thing...they have also built a shed right next to that fence that is on our land. Can you guess where I am going with this? The shed may have to move. The fence may have to move. When my husband and I found all this out we looked at each other and said, Welcome to the neighborhood!

Let's see...I am sure that I have tons more to tell you. It seems like I have been gone forever. Make sure you stop by to let me know you are doing well. And to fill me in on what has been happening in your neck of the woods.

First thing on the choices of the new home....I have to choose a siding color. And a shutter color. I have already chosen tan windows for the whole house. My hope is to have you all help me make my choices. I will take some pictures of some of my color choices and then you guys tell me what you think. Are you up for it?