Saturday, May 10, 2008


So, for a while, really, I mean a while, I have been trying to decide what ornamental trees I want to plant in my front yard. This is a big decision, right? I mean, its not like a rose bush that you can dig up and move fairly easily if you find a better place for it. And if you know me at all then you know that I like to move things around. A lot.

I have been researching trees and going to nurseries and bugging my father in law, who happens to be an excellent landscape architect. He has gone with me to the nurseries. Wait, before you get all like, well she shouldn't be having any problems making up her mind....and she should never have any garden woes.....and I bet she gets loads of great plants, big and small because her daddy in law loves her so much....

First of all, one would think that having him come to the nursery with me would be a grand idea, right? And it does begin that way. We are walking along taking a direct route to the trees that I have it narrowed down to. But then, this is what happens. We see things. On the way. Things that we like. Things that jump out at us and say you know you love me. And then he starts giving me more options. Thinking of trees that may work just as well. So, now those choices that I had narrowed down to 3...that moves right back up to like 7 or 8..maybe 9 or 10. See what I mean? Choices are good, right? Just ask my friend, Mim. She loves choices. Me? Too many choices and I become overwhelmed and just stop. I just freeze up. Like the time I had to buy some carpet. I walked into the store and immediately had a headache. It was too much. Why does one need all those choices of carpet....okay..getting off track here.

Secondly, I do have garden woes. Lots of them. This goes back to the part about my husband being a computer geek. Well, I mean that's not why I have garden woes...I mean, I guess it could be. But, no. I meant that part where people think that I should know all about computers because he does. Like by some kind of osmosis or something. Nope...goes the same for gardening. Just cuz Dad knows, doesn't mean that I know. As nice as that would be! I love to garden. Love it. But believe me, I have had may fair share of catastrophes.

Lastly, well, I must admit. I do get all kinds of great stuff from Dad. He needs space and I have space. Its only logical that I would get some super cool stuff. I even get to put in special orders sometimes. How cool is that?

This was about trees, right? Man, I totally got off track. I have chosen a Japanese Tree Lilac and a Redbud for the front yard. If I could ever get my yard graded then I would be able to plant them. Waiting impatiently.....


Christy said...

I certainly understand! Picking trees would be so hard. That is why my plan is to stick with just edibles. It lessens the choice a lot.

Twinville said...

Great choices!
I can't wait to see the 'tree planting' post.

And I totally know what you mean about choices! Agh!

I was at the store today trying to pick a sald dressing, something special and unique, like a Rasberry Vinagrette.
But there were like 20 different brands with rasberry vinagrette and sald dressing blends.

I was about to give up when I decided to just let my son make the final choice.
I was THAT frustrated and stressed about making a decision with so many choices.

frugalmom said...

twinville: See! You see what I mean. I am just happy to have the choices made now. And sit back and wait!