Thursday, July 9, 2009

An Award and I can say I dont like it if I want to.

Not the award. Im not saying that I dont like the award. The award is very nice. See.

And I am honored to say that I was given this award not once, not twice, but three times. Way back in June I got one from CeeCee and then I got one from sugarcreekstuff. And just now I got one from Penny. And since I happen to be a little contrary at times, Penny's msg to me about the award, well, it just kinda made me chuckle.

This is what Penny said to me.
Hey, I gave you an award And don't tell me how much you hate that stuff - I just wanted to share the love. Plus I want to see what you post when you accept it ;-)

Well, Ill show her....I can say I dont like this stuff if I want to....she cant tell me what to do.

But, these are all great ladies and they were VERY nice to think of me when this award came along. And hey, I can be a team player. I mean, normally, everything is all about ME :)....but I can think outside the box every once in a while. (Just for a minute anyway) For the record tho, I dont like doing these meme things....and besides, Im boring. Like really super boring. Who the heck cares if I post 10 things about me....and really? Im not sure I can even think of things that you dont already know about me....Im an open book.

1. I have lived in Florida, Georgia, and Illinois. And wherever else my ma says I have lived.

2. My oldest child got the chicken pox when she was 4. I was scared to death that I was going to get them as well. So much so that I asked my ma if I had had them to make sure that I was in the safe zone....her answer? I dunno. I cant remember. Okay then. Thanks for that. Im guessing tho that I must have had them since right after my oldest got them my next child got them, too. I walked away totally chicken pox free....that has to mean something, right?

3. I had braces for exactly 16 mos and 4 days. I got them off last June. I was supposed to have them for 18 mos. I was happy to get them off early.

4. I do not like public swimming pools. But yet, as a child, I practically lived at one since it was right across the street from my house.

5. When I was a kid I had to have 2 caps put on my teeth. Silver ones. They were very shiny. I was in school one day and I was eating candy at my desk. (Gasp) It was a pink Now and Later. Anyway, that piece of candy was so chewy it pulled that cap right off my tooth. I raised my hand and said that I needed to go to the office. I walked down there with that cap in my hand and showed it to the secretary. I then said that I needed to call home to tell my ma that I just pulled my cap off my tooth. I did just that and before I hung up I told her that I was gonna pass out now...and I did that, too.

6. I am not an adventurous person.

7. Nor am I outgoing.

8. I do however, tend to be very honest and tell things like they are.

9. I do not know how to drive a vehicle with a manual transmission. Nor will I ever voluntarily parallel park. In fact, I dont really like backing up either. Maybe, when I grow up, I will hire a driver for myself.

10. Oh, and I have a thing for organization. I tend to like it. A lot. I am also very detail oriented. I love to have things in order. And a plan? OMG...I love those, too. I dont have a pocket protector, but I do have a pocket calendar.

So, there it is. Thank you CeeCee, sugarcreekstuff and Penny for thinking of me when you were passing on this lovely award. It means a lot to me that you read my blog and that you think it has good stuff in it.


Mim said...

Heeyyy, there was something in that I didn't actually know! That was fun, want to do it again? Maybe I'll learn something else new!

Melody said...

LOL! I loved your meme answers! I remember eating a caramel and pulling off a crown. Scared the crap out of me! Love how you told her you were going to pass out and did. That's sticking to your word! LOL! Thanks for a great laugh. :-)

Anonymous said...

I've gotta do this too, but I'm having a hard time coming up with anything interesting to say. You on the other hand!! Wow! Learned lots....I'm almost hoping you get this thing three more times, just to see what else you got to share! :) said...

Well, you TOTALLY snuck this one in on me. I think you did it to avoid answering why you didn't weigh the brownie cake - or maybe to avoid weighing Darby and sending her to me.

I'm glad you did it! It was really fun reading your 10 things. You lived in Georgia? And you wore braces? I did notice the pictures of you had a Georgia peach kinda glow and beautiful teeth. And here I thought you touched those pictures up.

CeeCee said...

You aren't outgoing or adventurous, and yet you have made friends with a blogger buddy and travel to visit her several times a year. Yup, you're a hermit. :)
Thanks for playing along!
PS. I had braces as an adult, too.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Ha ha ha....What EVER!
I am totally there with definitely DO have an adventurous spirit...I've seen you being flailed around, across a very bumpy corn field, in the back of an open pickup truck driven by my son, watched as you climbed into a dark barn attic with no flashlight and commune with bats flying around your head, and give a baby goat an injection with very long needle. Brave *and* adventurous are my words for you. :-)
I knew all of this stuff, 'cept for #2 (you're afraid of chicken pox?? i got them twice when i was little, so you're safe with me, lol) and #9 (!!). Really???? You can't drive a stick?
Oh man, if I had known this, I *so* would've had you out there driving my mini car. But now that I know this...mimi miata is definitely in your future. I'm just sayin'

Farmgirl_dk: said...


GreyWolf said...

Oh Oh!!!
I can just see that slave driver Danni forcing you into her mini car. LMAO
And since it was given 3 times don't you owe us 20 more fun filled facts?
Congrat on the award, and it was fun reading.

warren said...

Hey, I am scheduled to get braces in the next few weeks. I hope I can get mine off early too!