Thursday, May 19, 2011

2 new additions

So, back in the Fall, Danni over at Critter Farm, alerted me to some llamas that were in need of a new home. The owners health had declined due to illness and she was looking for someone to take in her small herd of 4 llamas. They were her babies. She loved on them, took super great care of them, put them in was going to be a very hard thing for her to part with her lovely llamas. But she knew it was the best thing for them.

Once I became aware of this I contacted the owner at once to inquire. We spoke on the phone several times, emailed back and forth, and pictures were sent m
y way. It was decided that I would take two of the four llamas. I would have loved to have taken all 4, but I felt it was just too much for me. Already having Dolly and Toni and the rest of the crew here on the farm...I just wanted to make sure that I could provide for everyone in the best way.

Well, weather proved to be an issue. The owner lives over on the Oregon coas
t. Thats about 6 hours from me and it includes a drive through the Gorge. Not something you want to do if the weather is questionable. And since I dont have a trailer was up to the owner to transport them here to the desert.

While we waited for Fall and Winter to pass...we kept in touch via email.

Just last weekend...the owner, with the help of her very nice daughter, made
the drive and I am now the very proud and happy owner of 2 new llamas.

Please meet Prize.

And Allie.

They are super sweet girls.

They enjoy being next to you.

Especially Allie.

They are a mama and daughter pair. Just like Dolly and Toni.

After a little talking and a lot of looking out at the pasture...

And giving some very sweet farewell kisses to their mama.

We decided to take them on up towards the barn.

Dolly and Toni were very concerned and actually snorted at the newcomers a few times. Not being mean, but just out of curiosity.

We headed through the pasture with Dolly and Toni right on our heels.

And after closing off one side the pasture so that Prize and Allie could have some time alone, we let them go so they could explore their new home.

I am still shaking my head in awe that I am now the proud owner of 4 llamas on my little farm.

Thank you to everyone who played a part in getting Prize and Allie here to me.


icebear said...

Congratulations! I'm sure their former can rest assured that two of her girls will have a loving and safe home. Wishing her the best as well.

Diane said...

I totally cannot wait to get there and see them!! I anxious to hear which one will be running the herd by then.. said...

Prize and Allie are just beautiful. And so lucky to be a member of your wonderful family. I bet Dolly and Tony will warm up to the new kids in and Prize and Allie settle in just fine.

Debbie @ Swampbilly Ranch said...

They are beautiful. I'm sure they will all be having their morning coffee together and be the best of friends very soon.

Chai Chai said...

How wonderful, they look great. I am surprised at how big they are - tons of wool too!

Rosie said...

Oh stop it! You make me so jealous!! I want a llama, or two, or three.... I used to work with them and love them!! They just aren't popular over here I don't think, people just don't seem to have them to be rehomed and if you try and buy them it is stupid expensive cos they are all show quality! If you ever hear of any going spare in Scotland let me know LOL!!
Glad you got your new friends though I am sure they'll settle in and you'll start making many happy memories!

frugalmom said...

Thank you everyone for your congratulations!!! I am loving have 2 new llamas on the farm. Things are still in transition, but before long I just know that everyone will be friends :-)

Rosie: Thanks for reading!! What kind of work did you do with llamas when you worked with them? Dont you just love them?

Lana from Farm Life Lessons said...

Beautiful creatures!! Such a good ending for two of those llamas. I'm sure the owner is so happy to knmow they are in a good home and that you are so proud of them that you share pictures. Maybe the former owner can go online to take a look every now and then. I wish them well with having to live with illness.