Thursday, June 2, 2011

The graduate

Every graduation begins with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Its the big day!!!

Watching everyone ahead of him receive their diploma.

Just because I love this one.

Receiving his diploma :-)

Fast to depart back to his spot once thats all done.

How proud!

Then later that day his best bud came over to congratulate him.

And bring him this:

How sweet is that?

I cant even believe that my little guy is old enough to be in kindergarten this Fall. How fast the time goes.


Sue M. said...

I follow your blog, diligently... Love how you & Dani connected, and you are the proud owner of Llamas, as well as some goat children now. LOL.

Have loved seeing "G" grow up.

He's too cute, and I share the tears watching your child grow up. Marcee, kudos to you, and I look forward to your future adventures.

linda m said...

My congratulations to your little guy! said...

I just love how he is smiling so big in all those pictures. And I love those pictures of his proud moment! He is so cute. And now he's going into Kindergarten! I suspect he's gonna be your little guy for quite a while longer though :)

Sarah said...

congrats to "G" on his graduation!He looked very pleased standing there with his diploma! How sweet!

Diane said...

Congrats to my awesome Grandson G!! I can imagine how difficult it was for you see your little guy looking so big..Its mind boggling to grasp that much time has passed already..:)

J.J. said...

Time is passing us by! Congrats G!! He looks just like J at that age.