Tuesday, February 13, 2007

snow, snow go away

Come again another day.

It has been a blizzard here pretty much since Monday night at about midnight. The schools were all cancelled for today and tomorrow. I even got lucky and got to put off my orthodontist appt. till Friday. YAY!!!

They are telling us it is likely to keep going till midnight tonight. My husband went out to attempt to shovel the drive, but about 4 ft later he decided to come inside.

Snow days are always a little challenging when you have kids at home. I mean, playing in the snow is a given, but when you have 40 mph winds it just doesnt seem to be nearly as much fun. They were out there for about 30 minutes trying to build some kind of escape route in the huge drifts. (note my sons foot)

Then you have to find things for them to do or else the boredom sets in. The day went really well, tho. They played a game involving greek gods and godesses. We had cocoa. We had lunch. We made some homeade paper and constructed a bowl from it. It is sitting on my counter as we speak drying out so that it can be used for a pig bed. Yes, you heard me right. A bed for a stuffed pig. Then when we laid the littlest down for a nap we watched a movie. Now they are making valentines for all their friends who they hope to see before the week is over!

A couple days of this kind of weather and then the cabin fever sets in...where even the grocery store sounds appealing.


J.J. said...

I haven't even attempted sending my kids out in it. Maybe later today. The snow plows have made huge mounds in our front yard. I feel kinda boxed in!

Gnightgirl said...

I tried that shoveling thing too, and gave it up. My day was just like yours, only it was me and the cat making paper bowls. And chicken soup.