Monday, August 20, 2007

Blue and Brown swap

One side of the bag

The other side of the bag

I am so loving my stuff from my swap. Thank you so much to my swapping buddy.

How did she know that I love bags! Any kinda bag...reusable, that is! And I got 2. Yes, 2. And the great sunglasses holder. Love the pattern. And some cards and some computer paper. I got a new magazine to read and my kids are already drooling over the rock candy! There were some cool little stickers for crafts or scrapping, some ribbon and some towels. Even a little notepad. Oh, and a little take out box filled with thumb tacks. And some gum!

I have to say, the bags are my fave. Love them! Especially the one with the beads on it. I can already see myself carrying it now!


Mim said...

you suck!

frugalmom said...

Mim: Now, that is not very nice.

Mim said...

I never said I was nice.

frugalmom said...

Mim: Are we a little bitter?

Crazy Young Black Women said...

I want that bag!!!! It is too cute. Go head girl, work it out.