Monday, February 26, 2007

How do you sleep?

(courtesy of Flickr)

I am a starfish. It means I make a good friend because I am a good listener. What? Did you say something? Sorry, I was too busy gloating that I make a good friend.

Check it out over here. What kind of sleeper are you?

Friday, February 23, 2007

I am all for this

Check out this post over yonder.

I am so gonna be all over this. No, No...not a day trip to Ikea. I meant the going bagless part. I have even contacted the grocery store that I frequent to ask them for suggestions on how to make this happen without really ticking off the cashier. ( I try to be nice when I can.) Just to ask them for a paper bag instead of plastic causes fireworks.

Anyone have any good ideas on how to approach this in the world of all plastic and hurry up get your cart outta my way so I can get to the next person in line? I barely even have time to put my money in my wallet before I am getting pushed aside. Not to mention the fact that I am always afraid that I have left a full bag of groceries on the little carousel thingie.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Egg enlightenment

I am searching for eggs.

I am really having trouble with this one.

Cage free, free range, free roaming, organic...anyone have any more to add to the list?

From what I can see so far there is really no universal labelling program in place for this mess. Cage free sounds good, but all the hens are still just jammed all together. Just not in a cage, so to speak. Free range and Free roaming I think are one in the same. I may be mistaken tho. They have the ability to roam freely, but can still be fed not so good things to eat. So, that leaves us with organic. Is it really better in this case? Are they still all shoved in pen somewhere laying eggs like crazy, but getting good food to eat?

Can anyone enlighten me on this?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

I love it the Dove

Ever since Dove has come out with their new adds about "real beauty", I have to say that I had to change to their products after faithfully using Oil of Olay for many, many years.

I love the message they are putting out there. I love the fact that I can buy a product and feel good about the ideas that they support. Having a tween daughter at home myself, it is very important to me that she understands the truth behind the pretty pictures. I feel like it helps me to explain to her what a good image of self and beauty is. To have a product in your home that encourages young girls to question what is "real" in this world enables us to promote an open line of communication. I am all for that. Question away!

Way to go Dove. I support you!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

5 weird things about me

I don't even know what a meme is, (Should that count as my number 1 weird thing?) but there has been one going around where you list some weird things about yourself...

1. I hate used water. I think I have mentioned this before. The water around the edge of a pool, the dishwater in the sink, wet washcloths that have already been get the idea.

2. I like peanut butter, but not peanuts.

3. I never slept with a pillow until a vehicle accident caused me to need one.

4. I don't like to be anywhere without a container of Carmex. I think I am addicted to it.

5. I don't like to have my nails filed. I really don't like the sound or the feel of an emery board upon my fingernails.

The bad thing is I'm sure I could think of more of these. I like to think of them as unique.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

snow, snow go away

Come again another day.

It has been a blizzard here pretty much since Monday night at about midnight. The schools were all cancelled for today and tomorrow. I even got lucky and got to put off my orthodontist appt. till Friday. YAY!!!

They are telling us it is likely to keep going till midnight tonight. My husband went out to attempt to shovel the drive, but about 4 ft later he decided to come inside.

Snow days are always a little challenging when you have kids at home. I mean, playing in the snow is a given, but when you have 40 mph winds it just doesnt seem to be nearly as much fun. They were out there for about 30 minutes trying to build some kind of escape route in the huge drifts. (note my sons foot)

Then you have to find things for them to do or else the boredom sets in. The day went really well, tho. They played a game involving greek gods and godesses. We had cocoa. We had lunch. We made some homeade paper and constructed a bowl from it. It is sitting on my counter as we speak drying out so that it can be used for a pig bed. Yes, you heard me right. A bed for a stuffed pig. Then when we laid the littlest down for a nap we watched a movie. Now they are making valentines for all their friends who they hope to see before the week is over!

A couple days of this kind of weather and then the cabin fever sets in...where even the grocery store sounds appealing.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

My Soap Box

I believe it is a conspiracy.

I have a 10 month old infant who happens to require a bib while he eats. Now, I am all for technological advancement, although I have to say some of it does scare me, but are there no bibs that still snap instead of velcro?

I'm talking about a good old fashioned metal snap. Not those new plastic wannabe snaps. I have gone through what I think is every bib out there that I can get locally. If it has velcro then my son can pull it off. If it has a tie he will pull it off. If it has those plastic snaps then he will pull it off. I have even tried to use a kitchen towel clipped together with a clothespin. No. To him that is pure enjoyment. He pulls it off and then has the clothespin to play with. Until he pinches himself with it then its not fun anymore.

How is velcro actually faster then a snap anyway? After velcro is used for awhile it isn't as secure anymore because it usually gets covered in random strings and dryer lint. Not to mention the fact that when you wash and dry them they become one big tangled mess since they all stick to each other!

Anyone out there have any big ideas for me? Names, Places, websites? And don't forget I'm frugal.