Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Big days

As you know, the little guy, G, is 3 now. Almost 3.5, in fact. Normally, I dont start my kids in preschool till they are 4. Im home with them and thats just fine with us. BUT, the little guy doesnt really have many kids his age around here to socialize with, so we decided to start him a little earlier.

The other day we had his "meet and greet". Just a chance to see his classroom and
meet his teachers. A little sneak preview, if you will. And thats just what we did.

He crawled thru the giant caterpillar.

Rode a rocking horse that was not shaped at all like a horse, but rather a train instead.

We hogged the little club house and took pictures.

And he went down the slide.

Hes fast.

But this morning was the BIG day. The first day of preschool. Where I take him and then leave him and then pick him up again. How would he do? Would he have fun? Would he use his manners? Would he share? So many questions.....

But no time for me to worry over all of that because we have things to get done.
Brushing hair is on the list.

Getting his sneakers on.

He politely refused help to put on his shoes, but when it came to tying, he then asked K to help him out.

Mandatory "stand still and look at me" picture.

He SO wants to be able to do everything by himself.

NOW hes ready.

And look. Amidst all the hustle and bustle, S made me a to go breakfast.

Looking for his cubby.

Putting his things away.

And I was worried that he wouldnt want me to leave....he got some puzzles and never looked back.

I went and ran some errands and came back anxiously awaiting to hear about his morning.

So, as we left the classroom, we began to talk about all he had done. But, more importantly as hes walking away, he says, mama? Here it comes, I think. Hes gonna tell me how much he loves me and that Im the best mama ever.....Yes, I say. You can ONLY step on the yellow squares till we get to the stairs. Right, I say. Of

I can totally do that.


Anonymous said...

so how often does he get to go and for how long each day? He looks like he totally enjoyed it.Does this mean you get to spend more time being a doula again? Love you, Kelly

Farmgirl_dk: said...

what a sweetie pie. he looks so small putting his things into his cubby. sniff.
and today on the phone? he didn't want to talk about his new school. he wanted to talk about mr. jim sharing his raspberry jam with him. somehow i'm thinking school will always be a much bigger deal for the parents than it is for the attendees. :-)

Farmer Jen said...

Wow! Big day for the little guy. I guess he's not so little anymore. Sounds like he had fun.

I did not know you were a doula. Wow again. said...

Ahhhh. He is so dad gum cute! I'm glad he seems to like it.But what do YOU think about these changes? Are you enjoying a little bit of freedom now?

J.J. said...

I really can't believe that he's in preschool already. It looks like he had a great time. It's so nice that you document this stuff. The pictures are wonderful. Give him an extra hug for me :)

P.S. my word verification is unfemin does that mean I'm not very lady-like? :)

CeeCee said...

What a sweetie. He looks so tiny in front of the door. We take those same pictures every year of our 3 kids on the first day of school.

You know he thinks you hung the moon and missed you. It just proves you've done a great job letting him be his own little guy.

Big sis looks like a keeper too. Helping the little guy get ready. :)

Sue M. said...

I'd have totally been crying by the time he told me that you can only step on the yellow squares...

Love the way you documented everything! What precious memories you have to share with him when he's a teen. ;-)

Sooooo, how many times did you fight back tears? LOL

Anonymous said...

So glad it went well girl!! And sooo glad to get to talk to you yesterday. :) Now...I know, I know...I didn't get that email written....but you didn't call my dad hopefully I'm not in as much trubble as you are!!! ;) lol