Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gallery A La K

The crafty craftster, K and her trusty sidekick, Mama.

Did you know that duct tape came in so many colors?

Well, it does. And this is this is what K is all about these days....Creating masterpieces out of the stuff. Take whats in this box, for example. We refer to it as Robin's box. Just in case you were wondering.

Robin and his friend, Miss Sly, live in this box.

They are very important to a certain little guy that lives here....they go with him everywhere these days.

Then we have Bob and Larry.

We were VERY excited on Christmas morning to receive them.

Snacks. Because you know how much I love a good snack.

She makes handbags and pillows and dolls and bears.

And gifts for very special friends. A giraffe....her favorite!

And very cool dresses. Cool from the front.

And the back.

There are many, many more things that she has made. BUT, my favorite out of the whole entire bunch?

My new laptop satchel.

Its even lined in felt.

So, when I want to say, go fancy a farm, say, in Oregon......I slip my laptop in my very fun satchel, stick it in my backpack.....and off I go!


CeeCee said...

Oooo, I see a homemade prom dress in her future! There are whole areas of design that strictly include duct tape. She's got it figured out.

I especially love Bob and Larry. I miss them! My kiddos have outgrown them. :(

Anonymous said...

K is extremely crafty. I like that. I never would have thought to make all those things. Let her know that I like swans and maybe she could make me something in her spare time. Love you, Kelly

Lilla said...

What a crafty kid, indeed! I love all of her designs, but the donuts and box have to be my favorite! Oh, and your laptop satchel....very cool, very cool!

Brenda said...

Very creative! She has a natural talent!

Country Girl said...

Very cool stuff K. I have heard of stuff made w/ duct tape before but never seen it. Great job!

Diane said...

There is a strong line of crafty people in our family..but duct tape crafting is a new one on me..and its sooo cool!! I haven't seen Bob and Larry that G got for Xmas..I'll have to take a look see next time..
Prom dress..good idea Cee.. definitely would be "one of a kind"

Farmer Jen said...

I really like Bob and Larry! And those donuts made me smile. said...

Wow! K is very talented! I love all of it, but that dress is just awesome! And what a sweet laptop satchel. That's a very thoughtful gift - just perfect for you! Not only is K talented, she's very thoughtful.

linda m said...

What a creative person. I see maybe a "designer" in her future.

The Dream... said...

Those are incredible! What are the doughnuts and things stuffed with?

Lisa said...

WOW that is awesome, i love the dress!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

So funny - I had not heard of duct tape art before I met K. I think Bob and Larry are my favorites, definitely. Just look at those faces!! What a clever girl - where does she get all her ideas?!

frugalmom said...

CeeCee: She has mentioned the prom dress! Her complaint so far is that the dress she made was not very comfy...

Kelly: I mentioned the swan on your behalf. She says she has a long order list already, but she will see what she can do. snort. :-)

Lilla: I think the donuts are a close second for me. I was in love with them when I saw them. She actually made them for a teacher of hers. He really liked them alot.

Brenda: Thanks!

Country Girl: Its becoming a pretty popular thing these days. K says she wishes they had more colors to choose from.

Ma: I thought you had seen Bob and Larry. He really enjoys them.

Farmer Jen: Thanks. They made me smile, too.

Penny: Awww...thanks. I think shes a pretty thoughtful girl, too. :-)

Linda m: Thank you. Ill pass that on to her...maybe a designer??

The dream: She uses poly fill to stuff all the things with. Its pretty inexpensive and seems to last her a while.

Lisa: Thank you! She loves making all kinds of things.

danni: Shes clever all right!! She makes things up to do or she gets request from people. She has a running request list right now from all her friends at school. As far as the dress, her and her girlfriend made up sketches and that kinda thing before they dove into that one. She loves working with duct tape. And Im happy that she loves it!

J.J. said...

That k is quite a girl! Oops, I'm sorry, young lady. Very impressive.

sugarcreekstuff said...

I love all her duct tape creations. She should open an etsy shop!