Thursday, January 14, 2010

Big, Huge, and Huger

So, do you remember several weeks ago when I took a little trip?

Well, it was a very important trip.

I had to do really BIG things there. Like iron.

So, its a good thing they left me some snacks. Cuz, well, I dont iron. So, I needed to work up to that.

But, all in all, I think the ironing thing went pretty well.

Our suitcases ended up being quite difficult to roll around. Mainly because when we were on our trip they were just finishing up from some kinda fluke ice storm. But also because there was salt everywhere.

I have to say tho, the place we stayed in really watched out for us. They had this all nicely prepared for us so that we could get our suitcases back in working order.

Okay, so anyway...after I got done ironing I had to do something HUGE. (But wait,I had to take one last long look at my sweet husband. Doesnt he look good?)

And then I had to drop him off here. He had a job interview after all. And for some reason, they said I couldnt hang out with them.

So, I kissed him good bye and got in my rental car, that was equipped with a lovely GPS, (that I borrowed from my ma) and I headed out to explore.

But first? Breakfast. Hot tea and a very yummy bagel.

I drove all over the town, just looking around, checking things out. I stopped at one place and decided I needed to park behind this guy. Cmon, if you see a truck loaded with straw....doesnt that just make you feel happy?

And then another time I saw this. If I had been feeling homesick this would have done the trick. I felt so close to that train.

They have a really great river there. Its called the Columbia River. I hear its very mighty.

And altho it happened to be very foggy that was still very, very beautiful.

But, even HUGER, are the size of the tumbleweeds they have there.

I dont mind tumbleweeds. I mean, I dont think I do. Ive never really been around a tumbleweed. Ill find out soon enough tho, if they will become friend or foe...Since were moving there and all!!!!!


Farmer Jen said...

You are moving??!! When? Where? I mean, I know where the Columbia River is, but where exactly are you going? You will be so near our good friend Danni! I am envious, but happy for you. Please tell us more.

Lilla said...

Don't keep us in suspense. Tell us the details about the job, the move and all!

Hubby looks very dashing in that suit. Dashing? I can't believe I just typed that word!

Oh, and, tumbleweeds are cool!

Anonymous said...

I am happy that Shawn got a job but not happy that you are moving so far away. Even though I don't get to see much of all of you I will really miss you. Love you lots, Kelly

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Everybody sing along:


:-) :-) :-)

CeeCee said...

Wait!! What!!!! You'll be one state away from you Bestest Best Friend in the world???!!!!
Lots of exclamation points, sorry.

Egghead said...

Oh I recognize that country....and that river. I have fond memories about tumbleweeds....if you drive down I-84 going north toward Pendleton you will find all kinds of tumbleweeds blowing about because is is pretty windy in spots along that stretch of freeway. I once had an neighbor who found a huge tumbleweed and used it for a Christmas tree. Very cool and unique looking. Good luck to hubby!!!

goatgirl said...

Eastern Washington!!!! Is that it? Close to me?

Kelly or Alex said...

Keep us updated with the results of the interview. Will you be able to have a farm? Animals? Like Dani?

Diane said...

I'm sure glad I knew about this bit of news in advance, or I would have been freaked! I did a bit of research at the library and found several points of interest that would sure keep me busy, not to mention visiting Miss D. and Hood Mt., many wineries, and forests, Indian Resv. and well,you get my drift.. I think It'll be fun.. see ya there..most likely! ma

J.J. said...

Wow! So handsome, Shawn! I am very proud of you for all the hard work you did to nail this interview. Great job!! Marc, you continue to amaze me with your strength to push through some very difficult decisions. I'm so proud of you too. I still can't believe that you will be millions of miles away from me. I lost it when I found out you were moving 10 miles away, now you can just imagine what I will be like when I have to say goodbye! Thank God for technology so we can stay connected!

frugalmom said...

Thanks everyone for all of the supportive comments.:-) We are going to be moving to Southeastern WA. The when part is still up in the air right now. The why part, as you read, is because my sweet husband got a new job. I will for sure be keeping you updated. I am totally excited about this adventure we are about to embark upon. And of course, a little nervous, too. :-)

Crazy Young Black Women said...

Am I seeing things or did dad have on a suit AND a tie?