Monday, April 5, 2010

The big move

If you remember, it all began when I got the exciting news that my husband got a new job.

Things began happening very, very quickly after that. And the next thing I knew he was off on his own in our new home state of WA.

I was left to manage the home front. Naturally, I took full advantage of my help.

Time went by pretty quickly(for the most part) and before I knew it I was worrying about how to get all this stuff into my orange backpack to take on the plane.

I did manage. Altho, Im not entirely certain how. I even shoved a good portion of all of our closets into those suitcases.

Just in time, too. Because shortly after that the packers made an appearance.And soon, all my rooms were packed neatly into great big boxes.

Except this. I had to be able to use my computer, of course.

And as you can see, the boxes were labeled with great care.

Even Helen, my yellow chicken, was lovingly identified.

After all my belongings were packed, this huge truck showed up at my house.

The floors were all covered very carefully in pretty, blue quilts to protect them from scratches and such.

So, while these guys wrapped my couch up in saran wrap...

I headed out to look inside that big truck. This was the front end of that truck getting filled.

The movers worked and worked and very I supplied them with a lunch full of pizza and soda. G made fast friends with the driver, Shawn. So they enjoyed their lunch on the front porch and engaged in a great conversation about moving to WA, sneakers, dinosaurs, and how sometimes its hard to be almost 4.

What began at 8am ended right before 3pm. And only after loading every single one of my possessions, did that big ol truck pull away from the house and head on out to WA.

The kids and I departed shortly after that great, big truck. And in a few short weeks, that truck and I will be joyfully reunited.

9 comments: said...

I bet G was wore out from all that helping he was doing AND being so darn cute the entire time. Hard work for such a little guy :)

I am just amazed at how quickly things went once your husband got the new job! And now you are there, in your new home state, waiting to be reunited with your stuff.

CeeCee said...

Your post brings up a little anxiety in me. Moving to a new city/state is stressful and worrisome. I've never done it with big kids like your two oldest.
I've had y'all in my prayers and am glad everyone's first day went well.
I look forward to "the rest of the story". :)

Sarah said...

weeks???? Why so long before you get your things back? It does look as though they did a good job packing, taking care with you floors and things.
Can't wait to hear all about getting settled in the new place! And since your on the side of the state that we run around in, we might run into each other at some point! Safe travels!

Diane said...

All the news..and the packing up,clearing out the pantry (that was a BIG deal I thought..that pantry was your pride and joy).. seeing the big truck, and watching them load up ALL your belongings.. made the news of you moving turn into reality..big time reality!! But you did a REMARKABLE job of organizing everything. I know how stressful it was for you..getting the kids stuff sorted..not only for the few days left of school, but also staying the few days at my house, and then having stuff for them to do on the plane trip..I have to applaud Virgina C for giving you those skills..
All in all it went very well I thought..I'm sooooo proud of you!!!
Can't wait til I get there to see the house and help you organize this one too!!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Virgina C? Now there's a story I haven't heard...dare I ask? :-)
Those certainly were a stressful few weeks, weren't they? But it doesn't surprise me a bit that you were as organized as one could possibly be given all the stuff that was going on.
You are officially Super Woman in my book - not only were you a single parent of three for six weeks, on your own you facilitated the final closing of your house, the packing up an entire house, the planning and execution of at two parties just days before your departure, not to mention all the long-distance prep work you did to make sure things would be ready in Washington. You've got some mad skills my friend, and if we need to thank Virgina C. for this, so be it. :-)

sugarcreekstuff said...

Yay pizza! You are so nice to think of those hungry movers.
I like how they speel the items on the boxes. :)
I can't wait to "see" your new home and how you fill up your new farm.

goatgirl said...

Welcome to Washington!

frugalmom said...

Penny: It takes a lot for G to get worn out, believe me. :-)

CeeCee: This move brought up anxiety for me as well...mostly in regards to the kids. The moving of schools and leaving of friends and all that...but they seem to be doing very, very well. :-)

Sarah: Well, it wasnt going to take them weeks to get our stuff to WA, but it has to go into storage since we arent moving into our house right it will be a few weeks till we see our stuff again. I was very impressed with the care they took with all our stuff. And the driver of our load was really very nice. He was funny, too. And I like to laugh, so that worked out well. :-) And yeah, Ive noticed that you make it this way fact, you made it near my house in IL as well. I see youre making your way to WA soon!

Ma: Sigh...the pantry. I cant wait to refill my pantry. I am looking very forward to this task.

danni: Oooooo...super woman. I like this. :-) It *was* a stressful time and there were times when it felt like it was going so fast and others where it felt like time was at a stand still. I looked very, very, very forward to 10pm every day, thats for certain. :-)

sugarcreekstuff: Is that really you? I dont recognize you.

goargirl: Thanks for welcoming me to WA. I like it here. :-)

Lilla said...

Yippee...a post from your new home state! Sounds like everything went fast and furious but that everyone survived. That G and Shawn look like the bestest of buddies sharing pizza and conversation!

Congratulations on the move. Can't wait to hear and see more as you have time...