Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shoo fly

Dont bother me.

Or my llamas, please.

The flies here at the farm seem to have gotten worse just in the last several days.
Im not certain why, but I can tell you that the llama ladies have been taking a lot of dust baths to help aid in fly relief.

And then they look at me like this: pleading with me to help them...

So, help is what I shall do.

Kip is very interested in what I have in my hand.

He wants me to tell him what it is. And really? He wants me to tell him that its just for him.

When I tell him that he cant have it...he calls Joey over to try to convince me otherwise.

I show it to Toni and tell her that this is really going to help with those darn flies. Im not sure she believes me.

S was here to help hang the traps. We had to be a little creative when we hung them. We decided to secure a board to the fence post so the fly trap can hang away from the fence a bit.

So that these four little sneaky sneaksters cant get a hold of the traps.

I have this disposable style.

As well as this reusable style. Ill be curious to see if one works better than the other.

In the mean time tho, I have one other thing that I am hopeful will keep the flies at bay. Yes, fly spray.

And Dolly and Toni did such a good job letting me spray them and wipe their faces...it was treats all around.

Keep your fingers crossed that those pesky flies stay away.


Diane said...

I'm sure they're going to be very appreciative that your helping in every way possible to combat the flies..They are SUCH a nuisance..I have one flying around me right now..
I'm going to have to have the kids play the memory game with me to help with all the new names..and put them with the faces..
Good luck with the flies..curious to see which one of those works best.

small farm girl said...

The flies are just awful here too. The horses are just covered in them. But, if I put flyspray on them, they just go to the pond and wash it off. So I just let them take their mudd baths. lol. They aren't pretty, but they feel better.

goatgirl said...

Those sneaky sneaksters! The flies are probably coming from the cows next door.

polly's path said...

we have fought flies too lately, especially around the chicken pens. I bought several of the stinky, disposable traps-one leaked its entire content on the first day. I too use homemade fly spray...but really what I need is cooler weather.

CeeCee said...

Which fly trap worked better?
I hear they stink something awful.

frugalmom said...

CeeCee: Well, I have to say that the reusable one is in the lead with a whopping 12 flies in it. While the disposable one has appx 4 flies in it. What I dont understand is why they are not working better than this. Its frustrating me....