Monday, August 2, 2010

A visitor from back home

S's mom, Barb, has come to visit. (photo courtesy of G, the little guy)

She arrived on Sat afternoon and naturally, the first thing to do once she arrived was to go out and introduce her to the animals.

Shes not so sure about the llamas.

I let her know that they are very, very sweet.

And that they love you if you have carrots.

After that, she decided it was safe to move in a little closer.

We have been having a very plentiful plum harvest.

We have been making plum juice.

And plum jam.

And plum and yogurt popsicles.

And to show Barb that we dont just get to play with animals and fruit all day....
We do have to do work. Just ask G.

And some of it is really hard work. Like making cut out cows.

Can you believe just a couple days ago she was hesitant to be too close to the llamas?

And she did a great job at being goat grain monitor...the goat boys tend to get a little excited about their grain, ya know.

And just when I am already surprised beyond belief at the way she has taken to the animals....she goes one step further and gives out goat boy kisses and scratches. Such a very happy surprise!!!

And she said she didnt want to spend too much time outside....


Farmer Jen said...

Great photos! How fun!

Peppermint Ph.D. said...

Hard to resist those cute little fellas :):)

polly's path said...

yes, you infected her with the farm chick disease.

CeeCee said...

Yea for S's mom! Four-leggeds won her over. :)
Plum/yogurt popsicles didn't sound too yummy on Facebook, but the pictures made me change my mind. They look wonderful.

morningbrayfarm said...

What a wonderful post. You made me smile!!!

Sarah said...

those cute boys could win anyone over I bet! Glad she had such a good visit. Did you send her home with plans and instructions on how to create her own goat and llama heaven?

Farmgirl_dk: said...

I am very impressed! I love that Barb has been enjoying the farm life so much - she was just kidding us when she said she wasn't going to spend any time outside, huh?!

I have a feeling the llamas and the goats and Darby (not to mention all the humans) are going to miss her a lot when she's gone!

Love the pictures. That first one made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Pictures from a small person's perspective are wonderful! said...

Gosh - Barb looks like a natural born farm gal! Just look at her giving goat baby kisses. I am so happy. It looks like y'all are having a wonderful visit.

Those plums look wonderful, and so do the juice, jam, and yogurt pops.

That first picture that G took is wonderful! I really got a chuckle out of that. And his cut out cows are the best. Or was that one Barb's cut out cow? I remember papers and scissors were going to be involved in their play date.....