Thursday, October 7, 2010

apples galore

Its apple season here on the farm.

And theres nothing like being able to enjoy a fresh apple...or two...

After that first bite.

He kinda checks everything over and thinks about things a bit.

And just goes right back to enjoying it.

The first harvest we had was of our red apples. We were told by the previous owne
r that they are red delicious...but I just dont know for certain. The color wasnt spot on to me. But, none the less, they sure did taste good.

And as you can tell by the small dent in the apple harvest...we still had a ways to go to use them all up.

So, we relied on the trusty stand by.


And my new favorite, (thanks to Penny) fruit crisps in a jar.

They are so yummy!

And now that the red(ish) apples are all processed...its time to take on the green ones. 4 trees worth of granny smiths.

5 comments: said...

Now, if I had a cute little helper like that I'm sure I'd plant 5 or 6 apple trees. You're lucky he's such a good apple inspector..... I bet your applesauce is the best. Ohhhh, and ya can't hardly go wrong with those little apple crisps. This is a fun time of year, isn't it?

Farmer Jen said...

Love that applesauce! I've never tried making fruit crisp in a jar. Do you process them in your canner or freeze them? Great idea either way.

frugalmom said...

Jen: They get made in wide mouth 1/2 pint jars and then lidded and frozen. They are so simple and fast. Grayson loves to help me make them.

Diane said...

I can certainty vouch for the fruit crisp in a jar..Delicious!!! Hope there's still some left when I return! You sure got your first year of farm life, in one big giant way..grapes,apples,pears, not to mention the humongous zucchini we pulled out of your garden :) This winter you'll be able to sit back and enjoy the rewards of all your labor.

sugarcreekstuff said...

Thanks so much for sharing the recipe with us. I am so envious of your orchard. We started with small trees years ago and we aren't quite there yet. Just a few apples but the birds usually beat us to them.