Saturday, September 25, 2010

You just never know what youll find

You ever have one of those weeks? You know, where everything just seems to happen all at once and you get smacked in the face with all kinds of crazy stuff?

That was my week. My husband was out of town for work and I was here minding the farm and the kids. No sweat, right?

Well, normally, it isnt. This week, however, just felt like it had crazy written all over it and I was so happy to look up from all that and find that it was Friday. T
he week was pretty much wrapping up, my husband was due home that evening, the kids had been sick, but were nursing their colds back to health....

And then I go out to tuck the animals into bed to find this. Can you see those
beady eyes?

A little background information. Because thats always important.

On our property we have 10 foot easements that surround it on 3 sides. We are responsible for maintaining these easements, however, we are supposed to leave them clear of any plantings, permanent objects, etc. This is because the easements(when originated) were meant to be horse trails. This is a big horse

Well, over the years, the previous owners decided not to follow those rules and
so one of the easements had been filled in with huge cottonwood trees. Making it almost impossible to ride a horse through.

Also, this particular easement, which was supposed to have access to the main road, does not. Instead, it opens up right into our yard. Which leads to our house.

Okay, so back to the beady eyes. I shine my flashlight and discover not one, but 2 cows in my easement.

And they just dont seem very happy to see me.

Altho, they are very interested in the goat boys.

The goat boys, on the other hand, are not at all liking them. Especially so close.

Initially, the goats are thinking that divide and conquer may be the best route.

But after a quick moment, they decide that running to where I am is a much safer alternative.

As this is taking place, I am on the phone getting contact info for the owners,
calling the owners, AND trying to keep the cows out of my actual yard.

I cant reach the owners right away. So, I stick around outside a bit longer to
monitor the situation.

In the meantime, the cows are pretty much thinking that they can do whatever they darn well like.
Until, this sweet girl shows up. Meet Harley.

One of our neighbors dogs.

Had it not been for her, I can guarantee you that those cows would have been playing in my yard. Seeings how when she came running over to investigate, the cows had already stepped into my yard and were headed towards the house.
She barked like mad and ran towards them and amazingly they turned around and hightailed it back into the easement.

Once the owners showed up, we wired the entrance of my easement closed(just for the evening) and the cows pretty much just bedded down somewhere in the
easement for the night.

The next morning the owner called and said he had them back home, secure in his pasture.

They look like nothing ever happened.

And if it werent for all of these that they left behind in my easement, I would almost think that none of it ever happened either.


CeeCee said...

Everything always, always happens when the hubby is out of town. It's a scientific fact!
I know this will sound weird, but I'm glad it was just cattle. I feared it a was a bear or something.
I think you need a girls weekend in Oregon or someplace to calm your nerves. :)

Diane said...

Awhhh...the kids were sick..?? I'm sorry to hear that..having the cows in the easement..that would have been cool...ohh..I mean..bad cows!!! I bet that did frighten the goats..what about the lady Llama's..what did they do? I hope the kids are doing better..I should have stuck around for an extra weeks to help out..Oh..and tell the kids to watch out for cow poo on their way to the bus:)

Farmer Jen said...

I thought maybe it was a coyote when I saw the glowing eyes. Glad it was cows instead. You were very brave standing out there in the dark protecting your home and family from those trespassing cows!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Haaaa!!! COW!!!!
You forgot the part about texting me all the while you were trying to find the owners and contacting animal control and keeping boy goats from wetting their pants over those big wild-eyed creatures!
You did so great, Marc, with everything while your man was gone. There's nuttin' you can't handle! ♥ ♥ ♥

Anonymous said...


goatgirl said...

That's what I like about a farm, you never know what might happen.
The goats look great. That last picture is why I will never have a cow. said...

I love how the goat boys ran to mama when the "chips" were down. I love Harley, too :) Isn't farm life fun???? You were born to do this.

Lilla said...

Colorado is "right to ranch" land, which means if you don't want your neighbors cows in your yard, it is YOUR responsibility to fence them out. We've had cows cross through our property and had no idea who they belonged to. They eventually find their way home, or the rancher eventually rounds them up. Farm life...gotta love it!