Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Grumpy and not so grumpy

Last week we had our first snow since moving to Washington.

So, needless to say, I was walking in a lot of this on the way to and from the bar
n. If only it stayed at this nice depth the whole time.

Toni llama is not very fond of the snow it seems.

In fact, both Toni and Dolly have been quite grumpy since the snow began. Dolly
has no trouble communicating. Right this minute Im hearing her scold Toni (yet again) for her eating technique. Which really just means, stay outta my bucket.

There have been lots of frozen water buckets to tend to.

And of course, when its really cold, you can see your breath.

Grumpy llamas aside....G is very happy to see the snow.

I think last week J and G had zero days of school due to the snow and
Thanksgiving break. They werent concerned.

First order of business? Test the packing ability of the snow.

J says its too dry for snowballs.

G, always the one to try and prove his big brother wrong....thinks the snow is jus
t fine. See, he says.

How could J walk away from that?

After the snow"ball" fight...it was decided to move onto bigger and better things.

For some reason, the sleds didnt make it on the move here...or, they just havent
been found yet...Im not certain. I need to look in the barn attic. But in the interim, J tends to be quite resourceful.

A wading pool seems like a great alternative. Run...

Jump in...
GO! Yeah, not so much.

Maybe if he turns backwards.

Him and G try to figure this out.

And with lack of a better idea...G decides just to push him down the hill.

A few trips down the hill later...hot cocoa is in order.


Amy said...

Ahhh some of the best things of winter. We haven't seen snow yet but it will come soon enough. Your first winter on the farm, how fun! I am all too familar with frozen water buckets. The not so fun part of winter on the farm. I guess you have to take the bad with the good.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Well, there ya go. All very perfect things to do in your first snow in our new home in your new state. :-)
I love the shot of Toni's breath...funny!
I was hoping we might get a video of you backing your car down your (steep) driveway, but maybe that's the next post? lol

Chai Chai said...

Ohh, cocoa with the BIG marshmallows! The pool is a great idea for sledding.

That was funny for him to thing the snow was too dry, the problem we have here is it is too cold.

I would think the llamas would like the cold.

Diane said...

That looks like a blast out there with J & G...wish I could be there..I hope the next snowfall with be wetter, thus better for snowman, and nice fat snowballs!!!! Ya!

basicliving@backtobasicliving.com said...

Kids can make snow look like so much fun! I think you made the hot cocoa look like more fun though :)