Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wow! Wind!

So do you remember all those leaves that had fallen on the ground around here?

Well, since then we had a HUGE windstorm. And this is what that same spot looks like now.

There are tree branches scattered all over the pasture. Who would have known that the first time I have access to unlimited kindling...I dont have a wood burning fireplace.

I have to say tho, the leaves on those tree branches are making the goat boys
really happy.

When I walked from the pasture into the llama stall, tho...I was not the least bit happy.

We dont actually use the llama stall that often as the llama ladies normally stay out in the pasture all night. They like it out there. Under the stars.

And thankfully this evening wasnt any different.

Because this is what I came upon when I went into their stall.

This is some miscellaneous building materials that the previous homeowner had left behind. It used to be wedged in between the barn wall and a big, huge cabinet. But the cabinet has since been removed and disposed of. The building materials on the other hand had not yet made it out of the stall.

One of the items in there was some sort of storm window.

Upon falling, it broke and shattered into a million pieces.

It was a huge mess to clean up. And let me tell you...those doors were heavy!

But it was hard to stay upset about that big mess when I see tumbleweeds the size of small trees blowing around in my yard.

This one managed to nestle up right next to one of my pear trees.

You gotta love the desert.


Diane said...

I was gonna say..thats alot of leaves to rake up..easy breezy way for them all to be gone..I wish mine would disappear in the same manner?
Would have like to see the tumbleweeds blowing all over..What ya gonna do with all the apples that are left?

NancyDe said...

The ultimate leaf-blower? That glass looks like a lot to pick up - good thing your animals were out!

Farmer Jen said...

Funny tumbleweeds!

Sue said...

Those tumbleweeds are HUGE! How funny! I have to show this photo to hubby-he's always complaining about the itty bitty ones we have! Ha-this will shut him up!!

Sorry about the glass mess--what a job that must have been! Ugh!!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Somehow, when I saw those pics the first time, I thought they were on the OUTSIDE of the barn, you know under where the outside cover...I didn't realize they were *in* the llama stall. So I guess the wind pounded the outside of that wall so hard that it made everything topple over? Bizarre.
Shards of glass are no fun, sorry.
(But at least that monster cabinet is gone!) :-)

Sarah said...

looks like a lot of work...but a good excuse to be outside...if you needed one, which you probably didn't what with that wonderful garden and orchard!

Chai Chai said...

Amazing, hopefully the wind storm is on its way here.

How close is the desert? Your place looks very green to be near a desert.

frugalmom said...

Ma: I have no idea what Im doing with the apples that are left. Right now I just dont even want to see them on my porch :-)

NancyDe: Thanks for visiting my blog. :-) I know! I was so surprised when I headed to the pasture the other day and i saw that all the leaves were gone from under the tree. Crazy.
I was so happy that the animals were not in the stall.

Jen: The tumbleweeds are funny. And they can be really, really big. :-) And need I say that they are everywhere.

Sue: Those tumbleweeds are nuts. There were some pictures that were on the local news showing front yards covered in them. I mean literally...covering the front yard and burying vehicles....

danni: I know, right? Im still not certain how it happened. That wall of the barn is actually an interior wall, so to speak. I was not happy when I walked in there and saw that mess. Needless to say, the llamas had their grain outside of the stall that morning.

Sarah: I dont ever need an excuse to be outside. :-)

Chai Chai: Do you need some leaves blown away as well? And to answer your question about the desert....this *is* the desert. Living in the eastern part of WA it is much different than the western portion. Since we live on the other side of the mountain range, we get very little precipitation. The green you see is kept that way only by the irrigation system that we have on our property. In fact, most properties here have them. Those that dont have brown, parched lawns and pastures. The water that services those irrigation systems comes right from the Columbia River. But they are only in service from appx April till Oct.....after that...we just hope for moisture...and cooler weather to draw out the last of the green grass.
But right across from my property is a huge valley that is filled with tumbleweed, sagebrush, and other prickly plants. The natural landscape around here is very brown...and grows in a very sandy type soil. Its quite different than the Midwest where I came from :-)

CeeCee said...

My goodness, I'm glad the llamas were outdoors!
Looks like you've got your work cut out for you for the next few days. Clean up will be a challenge.

Anonymous said...

Marcee, I am glad that you started to blog again. I missed hearing from you. I think that you should build a big out door fire pit so that all those tree limbs and tumbleweeds don't go to waste. That way you could have wonderful bonfires with the kids. Love ya, Kelly