Friday, March 25, 2011

Today is the day!

Its Chick Day!!!

And what better way to wake up than to pretty blue skies and ha
ndsome goat boys.

The sun is out and there are pretty daffodils in bloom. Okay, s
o one daffodil is what I have. How funny is that?

The tulips are just bursting to open up.

The hyacinths are making everyone happy.

A few days ago I began to get the supplies all together for the little
, fuzzy chicks that were headed my way.

But the more I looked at the brooder that I had, the more I bega
n to think that it just wasnt going to be big enough.

So, I looked to see what else I had around the farm that I could use.

Bingo. My favorite seat to hang out with the goats. Otherwise known as
a stock tank turned upside down.

We got our boots on.

Did some heavy thinking to get a plan in place.

And began to move that big ol stock tank.

J and I got it flipped over and then headed down the hill with it.

The goat boys were very curious about what was going on. And yet th
ey seemed just fine being curious from a distance.

J and G swept off all the mud and dirt.

J and I carried it inside and G poured in the pine shavings.

He got them all spread out just so.

And then we looked at the handiwork the three of us just managed to pull off.

The heat lamp is all aglow...just waiting for those little, fuzzy chick babies....


icebear said...

Yay! Baby chicks. I once kept Button Quail. I loved the little chicks. The size of a bumble bee, perfect miniatures. The adults are cute too- but it was so cool having those tiny creatures and hearing their peeping sounds.

GreyWolf said...

Well the Day is Finally here...Just look at the wonderful home you have prepared for your new chicks !!!
I hope you all have fun today.

SupaFlowaPowa said...

The animals are so cute - makes me want one! I loveee the daffidols - it's daffidol days (American Cancer Society sells 'em and at work, it's huge) and I've got some in a vase from a co-worker but it's not as great as your natural ones. Oh so beautiful! Excited for the chicks too!

Sarah said...

hangin off the edge of my seat in anticipation!

Shmoopywood said...

Major bummer. I should have gotten my chicks earlier. Alot of the blogs I read are starting to get their chicks and mine are not coming until almost MAY!
Then again, the snow isnt even gone yet :)

CeeCee said...

Everything looks perfect!! Can't wait for pictures!

warren said...

Beauty of a daffodil! Looks like sun or something there too! Congratulations! said...

I love hyacinths and that daffodil is just about the cutest I've seen standing there all proud and alone. Those tulips really are ready to burst open!

That tank is pretty big and I laughed at the look on J's face in that picture of him eye balling it. I love that G took such care spreading around the litter. It's a wonderful home for a bunch of cute chicks. YAY!!!!

Lana from Farm Life Lessons said...

Your place is absolutely beautiful! And the young man, your son (?) he is such a helpful and precious guy! These are awesome memories you are creating!

Lana c.

frugalmom said...

Hi Lana: Yes, thats my little guy! Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. I have to say I havent been that great lately at keeping it current. Farm life has got me super busy!! But, its a happy busy!!! The best kind to have.