Saturday, March 12, 2011

Were running it!

Building a chicken run, that is.

My sweet little baby chicks are set to arrive on March 25th. I know! Can you even
believe it? I am so excited.

In the meantime, we are trying to get as much done on the coop as we can. Just because, well, once the chicks get here...Ill either be sitting and watching them f
or hours at a time...OR... Ill be napping periodically through out the day trying to catch up on my sleep since I know I am going to be checking on them a bazillion times during the night.

S is confirming with me just where I want it all to go.

Digging post holes is NOT his favorite thing to do in the world.

And while hes digging holes....Im shoveling beans. Llama beans. They seem to multiply overnight.

But look. I got one pile taken care of.

And into the wheelbarrow they be wheeled off to another part of the pasture. Only like, 134 more piles to go...

The great thing about llamas is that they normally choose a place to use as their bathroom place. They tend to keep it neat and tidy...all in one general area. My llamas, however, seem to like to have several general areas....I think Ill talk to them about that.

G, of course, has to have his hand in everything....and since I said that I did
nt need his help, he went off to find someone who did. He spotted Brian, a very dear friend of ours who was helping us out, and made it known to him that he thought he could handle digging the holes himself.

So, naturally, he let him have a go at it.

Oh my gosh, he says...this is really harder then it looks.

Hes just really focused right now...please just let me get the post hole digger back out of the hole...

After this picture he looked at us and said...I think I could use a little help, please.

Always good to be able to ask for help if you need it...

That goes for me, too. After I came in for the day, I put in a call to my chicken lady, Penny. I think I finally just realized that my chickens will be here soon!!! I mean, yeah, I knew they would be here soon....but theres a lot to get done between now and then....some important things to purchase and think about....

Thanks for the helpful phone call, Penny. For all of it. :-) What I need to know, tho, is do you have a "secret bat line"....cuz I might need a chicken emergency call....Im just sayin.


Diane said...

The chickens are going to love their new home..and don't worry, while I'm there I can help check on them during the night..I never sleep! And what may I ask is Mr. Brian doing out there without his muck boots!!!
He could have borrowed my polka dotted ones!!hahaha..Your all working so some chores for me to help with ok?:) said...

Look at all the help you have there. G definitely gets an "A" for effort. And anyone who would volunteer to help dig post holes is indeed a good friend!

I'm glad I was here to talk with you, but you have all your bases covered and it was just fun to share in your excitement! And you do have the "bat phone" number :)

It's sure nice you have your own bean generators there :)

charlotte said...

We love that you will have peeps in just a few more days & will be joining us other crazy chicken ladies welcome to the club. Love ya ;-)

charlotte said...

We are so happy you will be getting peeps in just a few more days & joining us other crazy chicken ladies, I just have to say welcome to the crazy chicken ladies club & you are going to be chicken nutty as us soon.;) I know you are going to enjoy your chickens as much as I have mine.