Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Now that was a long walk.....

So, after the inquiries and comments of many wonderful friends and family...Im beginning to think that maybe some of you think that I got lost on that walk I took way back in June with Prize and Allie.

I could totally see how one could think that since it HAS been 4 months since then.

Well, after I returned Allie and Prize back to the pasture we decided to go to the coast.

Okay, fine. Not right then that minute. But, we did really go this summer. A
nd it was amazing.

I mean, take a look at this awesome fort we found on the beach.

Thats just one of many, many things that took place during the summer.

And now... its Fall. Can you even believe it? Honest. Look. We all know that mums are a sure sign that Fall has arrived.

And if thats not enough proof, well, look at these pansies. Another Fall flo
wer to be sure.

As you can see, Allie

and Prize fared very well on their walk. The two of them have settled in very nicely here on the farm.

Niko and Kip are still mamas boys.

The goat boys are beginning to get their winter coats. I love this because it makes them look all fuzzy and chubby.

And Dolly still loves her hay bits.

She has even begun to share them. Even if its only Finley that
she will allow to eat from her pile.

My ma is in town.

And she adores the chickens.

All the girls are doing really well.

Were getting about 14 eggs per day so I cant complain.

Oh, and guess what? I also got pretty new blinds for my bay window. After being here for about a year and a half and having the sun beat down on us in the living wa
s probably about time dont you think?

And see? Things havent changed too much around here.

I still have post it notes all around the house. They are a necessity, you know? Especially when you forget how to work the blinds.


goatgirl said...

Oh thank goodness...I was just about ready to send out the search party. A lady leading two llamas shouldn't be too hard to find.
The goat boys look great! said...

Well, THERE you are! Your mom looks great - I bet you're enjoying her visit.

That's a nice basket of eggs you've got there. Very pretty! And the chickens are beautiful - and big! They sound like stellar layers, too.

The goats and llamas look wonderful and happy. And your fall flowers are beautiful.

Welcome back, Marcee :)

Lilla said...

Yeah, there you are! Glad to see you back. Everyone looks happy and healthy at the farm. More than a dozen eggs a!

I want your life, Marcee...