Monday, October 10, 2011

She may be small in size

Meet Sarah.
She is super sweet and loves to be held.
Shes also the first of my 16 hens to have laid an egg.
She laid it right there. Can you see it? In the far right nest box. Even before I had the chance to add pine shavings to the boxes.
I got the girls on March 26th and Sarah laid on July 19th. She would have been 16 weeks and 3 days old at the time. That delightful little egg weighed in at 1.375 ounces. Not bad for her very first one.

The great thing was, that aside from being totally ecstatic that I had gotten my very first egg ever in my life from my very own chickens....was that she laid it 4 days before I was due to head out of town for 17 days. Thats right. I was going to be gone for 17 whole days. I was so worried that I was going to miss the very first egg being laid that I took all the girls aside and had a little talk with them. I told them how happy I would be if they decided to lay before I left....and then that sweet Sarah...she just got to work. 

Sarah is a gold sex link and she also happens to be the smallest of all my 16 hens.
Which is how she manages to show up in there.
There is where she should not be.

But as you can see, she is oblivious to that fact.
She should be contained like the goats.
And the little guy.
And yes. Like the other chickens.
But no...she thinks she just has run of the farm.
Look at Niko giving her the stink eye because hes inside the fence and she is not.
Im pretty sure she thinks that since she laid the very first egg that she can do whatever she likes. Well, I think not. 

But it totally could be because she loves me and likes to be next to me...even if that means right at my feet.

2 comments: said...

Sarah looks like a sweet and smart little hen! She sure does lay some pretty eggs too. I think she may have picked up the wandering habit from Frank....... :) But I'm pretty sure she's smart enough not to wander off - she lives in chicken paradise for heaven's sake!

Mack said...

This chic has it made. She is not going to leave this place.