Thursday, April 17, 2008


I have mentioned before that I have tried to grow things from seed several times. And that every time they ended up not making it. This time I have the great guidance of Angie and I have to say that my seedlings are doing super. I think they are kinda on the leggy side of a seedling, but thats okay. At least I havent killed them!

We used the peat pellet method and it was really easy. For a first time seed starter easy is good. We started them on Easter and once they had a show of growth we then put the light on them. From morning till night. Watering as needed, of course.

We had put a few seeds in each pot knowing that we would have to thin them out as they grew bigger. Just yesterday, I had the job of choosing which little seedlings would get the axe. Can I just put it on record that I had grown fond of my little plants? How can I possibly choose which ones get to keep growing and which ones dont? Their fragile little lives were in my hands. I looked at them so lovingly, one by one. Then, knowing it had to be done, I took the scissors to them. I snipped the smallest ones of the three and left the larger, healthier looking one. Did I make the right choice? Or did I ruin a little seedlings life forever and ever? (It is becoming very evident that I need to get out more!)

Now we wait for the next step. That is transplanting all the pellets into larger peat pots. I think the rule of thumb is to transplant them to the larger pots when they have two sets of leaves. However, my pellets are beginning to have roots growing out the bottom, so, it may happen a little sooner. Then we wait till the last frost has passed and we can harden them off and then plant them in the ground. Pot and all I am told. A little nervous about that part since we have just moved. We are waiting for our yard to get graded.....I hope all the timing works out.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Now those are some PURDY seedlings!! Congratulations, you've got a green thumb!

frugalmom said...

danni: Thanks! The trouble is, I can always get them going....its the not keeping em alive thing that gets me!

Anonymous said...

They look wonderful frugalmom!! Congrats!!