Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Award Fest

It appears that there is an award fest going on right now. And let me just say that I am totally speechless that I am a part of it all.

From Ang:

Mostly, I think she gave me this because it really is hot in here. And not because I shoved a duck down my coat! I keep my house at a balmy 68 degrees.....except for when I have my fireplace going...then its more like 73. The other part of it, the part where she REALLY thinks my blog is hot, well, (blushing), Thank you, Ang. Coming from you, who writes a really great blog, that means a lot.

From Penny:

Penny is new to my blog. Hi Penny. Thank you for the award. I love that you came and read my blog. Even more, I love that you found it funny. I like funny.

And from Greywolf(Gergo)(Gary):

I will never be able to express in words just how much it means to me that you made me a Perfect Patty award. Right now, I am verklempt. Seriously.

And to my great pal, Danni, just knowing that you can appreciate a perfect patty....that just takes our friendship to a whole new level. I never knew when I left those perfectly proportioned patties in your particularly posh place to perserve, well, I never knew that you would find them so perfectly perfect. That warms my heart. Thank you for that.

However, sadly, I must decline the gracious offer of the Cleanest Fridge award. I am so sorry to have to say that, but I feel it is better placed in Danni's hands. As I was just fibbing that I cleaned her fridge. And I shall not take credit for that which I have not accomplished. But I can with very fond memory, say that I did, in fact, partake in her neatly placed cherry pepsis and her cleverly contained organic milk. Not to mention, the brilliantly bagged baby carrots that I had to rush to get for the sweet, loveable, huggable, amazingly, gorgeous donks.

Thank you again for the awards. I am truly touched.


GreyWolf said...

Maude; thank you for "coming clean". However I awarded it to you for your comments and keeping the "blog fest" going. (Much to Danni's dismay) And if you can't tease your freinds then who are you supposed to tease...Family!! (I DO) or comlete STRANGERS??? That could be DANGEROUS.
Keep the pot stirred up with those hillarious comments.

frugalmom said...

Gergo: Well, by all means then...I fully accept! Ha! And I did "come clean", huh? Too funny.

goatgirl said...

Congratulations on the awards. But don't you find it maddening that Danni can post a picture of the inside of her fridge and get 21 comments? What the heck.
And then the boots....that will get at least 35 before it's done.

frugalmom said...

goatgirl: I know, right? Seriously. You and I should go take a picture of our pantry....we'll show her.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Now hold on there, you two...who knows how many comments YOU would've gotten had you had the nerve to post a pic of the inside of YOUR refrigerators!!
(and anyway, stop counting my comments!) :-)
The first time the three of us are together, I'm totally taking a picture of us from the knees down and ALL IN BOOTS! :-D

Anonymous said...

LOL! You guys are too much. Congrats on the patty award Maude, you keep raising the bar my friend! :) (oh, and if you want to get more comments, you need a pole dancing weather pixie and a few gratuitous leg shaving shots. ;)

Farmer Jen said...

Way too funny.. all of you! Loved that perfect pattie award. Maybe because I am hungry and should stop blogging now and go make dinner. Congrats on the awards!

Country Girl said...

Congrats, well deserved!