Thursday, November 6, 2008

Its fall, right?

I was talking to my friend over at sugarcreekstuff the other day and we were discussing how the weather has been quite strange around here for the last week or so. I mean, it is November. We should realistically be having cooler temps and more wind and the occasional rain storm or two. What we are really having are temps up near 80, bright skies, and in her case, hail. Huh? Whats going on?

In my attempts to try to figure it all out(which did not last very long, mind you) I decided to just take it. I don't need to know WHY its nice out, right? It just is. Who am I to argue with Mother Nature.

In celebration of that, we decided to head to one of our local parks and take a hike, enjoy the weather, and savor the calming sights and sounds of Fall.

This is on the way to the park...Look. Fields. They stretch as far as the imagination can take you....and then some! These particular ones had just been cleared. The soil is still freshly turned.

This is how you can tell you are entering a park....see the trees? We don't have too many trees out in the open around here...we have corn and beans. So, once you spot the concentrated tree know you are reaching something

It is very pretty out here. The leaves are pret' near done turning and now they are beginning to fall. This made the kids very happy. There was lots of crunching and crackling going on.

I'm not sure what it is with boys and sticks....J was the first to grab one, then G, of course had to follow suit.

And then , not to be left out, Dad had to make his choice as well.

K and I, we don't need any ol' walking stick....we can manage just fine.

Although, later on K abandons that idea and decides that she does in fact need a walking stick. But not to be used for conventional means. She has dubbed this her leaf quicker picker upper. To that I say, more power to ya, little lady. Have you seen the amount of leaves out here!

Upon closer inspection, G realizes that he doesn't actually want that big bug to accompany him on his walk.

You cant have a hike without some good songs. Here's G belting out some kinda tune.

A little sibling bonding.

Some fungus among us.

And lets not forget snack time. Wait, when does the photographer get a snack?

It began to get dark as we were heading back. Luckily we only hiked half the trail or we woulda gotten stuck out there in the real darkness. Needless to say, after about 2 miles or so, G began to really S L O W down. His steps became smaller, less forceful, and very, very quiet. See? Hes dropping back....hes tuckerin out.

Reinforcements were required. And this my friends, is what we listened to for the hike back to the van.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

G. is such a good sport. He really walked over 2 miles? That's incredible for a 2 year old. You all looked like you were having a wonderful time. How far is that part from your house?
My oldest was always a stick boy, too. But my youngest was a rock boy. You can imagine what would happen when we took hikes. :-)

Anonymous said...

Marcee, that looked like so much fun. Kelly

Farmer Jen said...

Great photos! Your kids are so cute.

sugarcreekstuff said...

Ok, a shout out, cute kids and an original song? Giddy wup. I don't think this post could be any better! Well, next time offer chocolate and then that one couldn't get any better.

GreyWolf said...

Yup, it's fall alright and it looks like you picked the perfect time for that walk in the woods. Everyone looked like they were enjoying the hike.

Egghead said...

Your kids are so stinking cute. I love that better song to hike back to. Cute and a fun day.

J.J. said...

What a great day! This weather has been weird but enjoyable. I think we're about done with it, though. Of course you've gotta have a stick! What's a hike without a stick?!

Anonymous said...

Ethan had to watch that video....oh about a zillion times. And can you guess what they're singing right now?! :)

Gnightgirl said...

Those sticks are not for walkin, but for knocking down spiders that spin their webs across the path. If that's the park I think it is, you do NOT want to be the first person walking it early in the morning. You will be spider chow.

CeeCee said...

Looks like a great day all around. Did they sleep all the way home?

Country Girl said...

Looks like a nice day with your family!

Country Girl said...

Looks like a nice day with your family!

inadvertentfarmer said...

That is to stinkin' cute! What a sweet family outing. The little guy is just adorable, love his little giddy wup song.

It is so strange to see pictures where the land is so flat. You can't look any direction here without seeing a tree covered hill or mountain. It would be fun to see so far!

Great Post!

frugalmom said...

Danni: Yep, 2 miles. I know, hes amazing, huh! Im not partial at all....That park was about 40 minutes from our house...not so bad.

Kelly: It was fun!

farmer jen: Thank you!

sugarcreekstuff: There was chocolate in our granola bars! Does that count?

greywolf: It was a great time. The weather could not have been better. BUT, the mosquitos were awful on the way back.

egghead: The song was fun. I must admit tho. After awhile I could have used a different tune!

j.j.: Thats for sure. It has been cold, cold here now. Did you see the snow today?

Angie: HA! Im glad that I could help out. Would you like me to send another song? I would do that for you, ya know.

gnightgirl: Spider chow, huh? As long as its not bat chow then I think Im good.

ceecee: Sleep? I wish! HA! Actually, we sang songs all the way home. It was lovely.

country girl: It was a fun time!

inadvertentfarmer: Ummmmm....I wouldnt necessarily say fun....having lived here pret near my whole life...I am kinda over the whole flat thing. But then, the grass is always greener on the other side, right! And hills? Yeah, we dont have too many of those....the city closest to us had to MAKE a hill so that the kids could use it for sledding....thats right, make it....go ahead, you can laugh.