Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Very Happy Ending

But we couldnt say goodbye just yet.

Danni had big news for us when we got to her house. Okay, well, I mean, she kinda told me about it a little before we arrived, but just a little tho. And I didnt know for sure that it was gonna happen till we got to her place.


Is that a donkey you see? It most certainly is. Danni made arrangements so that everyone could go and see Sarah and Holly and Pistol. Can you believe it? Isnt that the BEST news ever?

J got in a little Pistol butt scratchin.

And J seemed to do just fine with the ladies, too.

He seems a bit surprised by this.

Altho, it appears that maybe Sarah stole his heart this time.

And the feeling seems to be mutual.

Danni had to get her donkey "fix" as well! She couldnt get out of the van quite fast enough to get to those donks. It was very sweet.

A soft touch for Pistol.

Going in for the kiss.

Okay, going in for a BIGGER kiss. Kisses cant be too big, ya know?

Can you believe this is the view from the barn? I know, right?

We all had great fun visiting with the donks. It made my heart melt to see Pistol again. To give him great big butt scratches and to know that hes with his girls once again. Eating sweet hay and crunchy carrots. *Sigh*

We made our way back to the farm. Now it really was time to say good bye. We gave out big hugs and got all loaded up in the
van. Headcount...5...suitcases...4...snacks? Yes.

On our way to the airport we had to get gas, of course. I had to remind S that he was not able to pump his own gas. I mean, we are in Oregon, remember?

Look. Theres the guy whos gonna pump our gas for us. Does he look kinda angry to you? Nahhh....hes just wondering why this crazy lady is taking pictures of him.

Well, naturally, I had to get out and introduce myself. And take another picture. Can you see me in there? No? Thats because I am too short to make it in the picture. I was trying to get him and I in the picture....but he was pretty darn, meet "Mr Nice Man who allowed me to take his picture while pumping our gas."

So, thank you Miss Danni and Mr Jim for a fantastic time. I am so happy that it all worked out the way it did. And that we all got to hang out. And that we laughed like crazy. And that you didnt make me eat crab. And that we got to make cookies. And that we got to see the donks. And that I got to collect eggs again. And that I got to see Oregon rain. And that I now know that there are different kinds of beavers.

AND that we didnt drink ALL of your milk.


inadvertentfarmer said...

The perfect ending to what sounds like a perfectly good visit with an old friend!

Mim said...

What a treat. So glad the kids got to meet some of the Donks. Looks like J has a future in the scratching business. You're gas man looks stoned. LOL

Farmer Jen said...

Wonderful post about a wonderful trip. Cute gas station attendant guy too.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Um, could it be? I'm thinking that you actually managed to capture that horrific, surreal moment - in picture #11 - when little G's finger got chewed on by Sarah. That's not a big kiss you're seeing, that incredible pain. lol

There you go taking pictures of our gas station attendants again. Are you trying to make them ALL self-conscious?

I'm totally done ever trying again to use alliteration when describing beavers. Seriously. What was I thinking?

And yes, you did drink ALL our milk. That's ok, though. :-)

Anonymous said...

ohh ohhh she offered you crab?!? And you refused? *sigh* I love seafood. I sooo need to be a coastal girl.

Great pics marcee, and it's so good to see danni with her donks again. I have to say, I think that is the most I have ever seen if J. He appears to be a natural with those donkeys. Yup, I'd say donkey's are a must for the future farmstead.

I cannot even believe you were harrasing the gas attendant. That's just hilarious!!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

No, farm mom, I knew better than to offer her crab. I did disclose to her, however, that some was going to ride back home from the beach with us. She took it fairly well. I do think her husband, S., was disappointed about the whole thing because I got the distinct impression he *likes* crab!

Anyway, Jim and I had a MARvelous crab feast the next night for dinner.

P.S. It's crab season here in Oregon right now. You should swing by. :-)

Farmer Jen said...

Oh, we love crab! Too bad we can't just "swing by" Danni's place like Marcee can...

GreyWolf said...

Great pics Marcee! Glad you got to see the donks, especially Pistol.
Tell "G" he has to keep them fingers to be a great chef.

goatgirl said...

And here I was feeling all sorry for you because the donkeys were gone. I'm glad the kids got to meet them.

Sarah said...

J is the cutest kid ever! Those pics of him with the donks were so sweet!

Egghead said...

Marcee your trip looks like it was such a fun time for all. I just finished catching up and those pictures are adorable. Your kids are so stinking cute.

frolicnfibers said...

Hey! I just discovered your blog when I read your comment on mine about the "llama butts". I so enjoyed this post. Your kids are so adorable and it looks like you had a great day! Thanks for the fun read. Diana