Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We did leave the farm

Thats right. We didnt stay at Critter Farm the WHOLE time. As lovely as that would have been.

We drove for a little bit, too. And that little bit was just a big enough bit for J to fall asleep in the back seat.

We were on our way to see this....ohhhhh...ahhhhhh...see how pretty. I was told that this is a very popular waterfall.

It was just cold enough for Roxy to have to wear one of these. Look how cute.

We had a picnic. A cold picnic. That did not stop my little guy from eating a huge meal and then some. Notice how there are only 2 kids out there? J was shivering and shaking. He asked if he could sit in the truck. Cmon kid....we are from Illinois for crying out loud. This Oregon cold aint nothing compared to what we endure every winter. Of course, we dont normally have picnics in it.... And K? It looks like she may be meditating... I wonder if shes talking to the weather gods.

On the walk up(or maybe it was down) G decided that it would be a good idea to stick his arm into random dark holes in the moss covered stone walls. I dunno, but it gave me goosebumps to see him start by putting his hand into a black hole and then quite naturally it just progressed to his entire arm. Im sure if it was big
enough he would have just climbed right in.

We went on some really great geo caching expeditions that led us to log cabins, yawning piglet rocks, and some really rude trees. The kids loved all the exploring, especially the caches that had all the clues that needed to be deciphered.

And then we went to the beach. It was down right cold I must say. The kids were not phased by this in the least. G loved being chased by the waves and playing in the sand. He got so wet his little rubber boots were filled with water....his socks were just dripping little icicle shaped drips. His little lips were shivering, his teeth were chattering....but if you were to ask him? Im great, mama. Are you cold? Im freezing, mama. Do you want to go back to the van? No thank you, mama.


Anonymous said...

Ha! I'm sorry, I just think it's too funny that you thought you were going to warmer climes...and look at you all! More bundled up than when you left!! LOL

Glad the kids had a good time despite the weather.

inadvertentfarmer said...

Ahhh nothing like the cold Oregon coast in the middle of December. No wonder the beach looked empty...brrrrrrrr!

sugarcreekstuff said...

That pic of J asleep in the car cracked me up. I used to always sleep with my legs like that, my cat would crawl under the covers into that little tent my legs and feet would make.
Does anything that may live in those moss tunnels bite? You have a brave little one.
What a fun trip!

My word verification was catemo, my cat wasn't named "emo", it was "Freeload".

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Ha ha ha...that picture of Roxy makes her look like she has this GIGANTIC head on this little tiny body. Poor thing...her mama dresses her funny.

Multnomah Falls was theory, that whole picnic-thing really should have worked out, since it was so gloriously sunny. Sadly, those giant COLUMBIA GORGE HILLS blocked our sun and had us sitting in 40 degree shade. Brrrrr!
And that whole arm in the hole thing really freaked me out. Nuh uh. Not doing that!

Farmer Jen said...

You all sure looked cold! No way would I put my arm in those cave holes. G is way braver than I am. Beautiful waterfall.

Mim said...

Who sleeps like that? Your children that's who. LOL

Yeah My G use to do that finger, hand, arm in holes thing. I hated it. What if there is something in there????? Truth be told he probably still does it, curiosity ya know.