Wednesday, December 3, 2008

never know what will show up on your doorstep

I am a planner. A huge planner. Okay, fine. I am fanatical when it comes to planning. My name is frugalmom and I am a fanatical planner. I have been for as long as I can remember.

So, imagine my surprise when I get the urge to do something NOW. Like spontaneously. Like, just pick up and go.....Can I do that? Is that possible? Wait, I don't have a plan...not A, B, or C....And then to do it without breaking out in a cold sweat and having heart palpitations....?

Well, I. did. just. that. No, no. I didn't have any weird symptoms, but I did call up my "bestest bud" and ask her what she had going on in the next few days....clearly, her living over 2000 miles away from me wasn't having an effect on me at the time.

Now you have to imagine Danni's surprise when I, the planner, talk to her and very casually toss the idea to her about us coming to hang out this, as in, 2 days from now. And by us, I mean, all 5 of us. Yes, my whole crew. I'm pretty sure she said, "Are you serious?" And then I said, "yes." And then she said, "How in the world....." And then I said....okay, well, you get the picture!

Lemme just say that Danni and I, well, we work quite differently in the planning arena. When I look into the future, I see times and dates all allotted and categorized, places I need to go and things I need to do. My calendar is my lifeline. I adore my calendar. In fact, I have been known to sit down at the new year and just fill in my entire calendar. Dates I need to remember, things I have going on months from now....the clean, crisp pages of a new makes me giddy just thinking about it.

Danni? Thru my eyes? She flits. Like a butterfly. Ever so gently from one thing to the next. Not really needing a plan to get her thru. Letting things catch her eye as she goes...allowing her to experience things in a much different way then myself. To be honest, it amazes me actually. Its something that I wish I could do at times. I am so planned and structured that sometimes my course is so very well laid out that I dont allow myself to veer from it. This, in turn, can cause me to pass things by and not take the opportunity to see everything it may have to offer.

And lists...don't even get me started on those. I have them all over my house. Lists for the grocery, lists for the meals that week, lists of things I need to do....even my kids like lists....

I digress. So, now we are busy. Busy getting things ready to go, busy packing, busy buying snacks. Lots of snacks. This will be the little guy's first time on a plane...and I want to make sure I have enough snacks to keep him with a full belly....oh, and having his mouth full might not hurt either. Not that he wont keep talking(to everyone)...but it may help.

I told G that he was allowed to take a couple things with him in his suitcase. What would you like to take, I ask? This is what he requested.

Oh. Well, we cant really take him, hunny. (As I'm watching him try to figure out just why we cant do that). How about you choose 2 of your sleeping guys to take with you. Okay, he says. So now they are safely packed in his bag and he seems okay that the snowman will not be going with us.

I'm pretty sure there wont be any snow when we get there. But I'm also pretty sure that it will be wet. Very, very wet. So, of course, I had to bring these.

J getting ready to go....already listening to his music. Make sure you have lots of songs on there....its gonna be a very long day of traveling.

K very methodically getting ready to go. If you look at the 2 kids' items laid out I'm sure you can see the difference!

And, of course G. Well, his stuff anyway. He informed me that he would rather not be in the picture. He was busy after all. He had to pick out books for his bag on the plane. And that was way more important than sitting next to a pile of clothes and saying cheese.

So, today will be full of driving, sitting, snacking, sitting, snacking, music, sitting, flying, sitting, and if I play my cards right....maybe a little sleeping. Then at some wee hour in the morning, we will get off the plane and get to see the beauty of Oregon. Even if it is in the dark.

And more than likely these little spur of the moment things wont happen that often. But, I have to say that I have found the joy of spontaneity. The little rush of excitement and wonder of what may happen next. Had it not been for Danni, this whole spontaneity thing probably never would have crossed my mind. What are friends for, if not to show you new things and introduce you to new ideas. She is a free spirit and that's one of the things I adore about her.

The question then becomes....I wonder if by teaching me all about spontaneity, if she ever thought it would lead to me and my crew of 5 showing up on her doorstep in the middle of the night after having given her 2 days notice......Don't worry tho...I have our time all PLANNED out once we arrive.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

What? You're coming HERE? Seriously?

Farmer Jen said...

Wow! That's all I can say, is wow! Have a great trip and tell us all about it.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh yes, I do have more to say. The first thing, is Kaylin cut from the same cloth as her mama, or what??!! Look at that organization prior to packing. lol
Me, I'd be like G., running around doing the fun stuff, and then shoving everything into a bag at the last minute. :-)

Oh...and I do not "flit".

farm mom said...

LOVED this post Marcee, too cute. So, I cannot help but wonder if any of your structure is rubbing off on her? (psstt....check her calendar while you're there....she does have a calendar....right?)

J.J. said...

I cannot believe you are doing this!!!! Did you have to take the big kids out of school for this trip or were they already out? Wow, there must be something in the water in that town you live in. I'm very proud of you for veering out of your structured life. You will have a great time. Enjoy yourselves.

sugarcreekstuff said...

Wait, where's the paper chain, the photos of lip balm and the weird clues?

inadvertentfarmer said...

Have a wonderful trip, enjoy our wet, wet weather, although its supposed to be nice until Sunday! If you all need a camel fix then head a little north and Gizmo will be waiting, lol!

Seriously have a great visit! Kim

Christy said...

I too love lists and empty calendars and notebooks! Have a good trip.

GreyWolf said...

MAUDE~!!!! How dare you????
Take a deep breath and check in to the nearest Mental Hospital.
How dare you take your whole family to the slave labor camp?
You can't have forgotten all of the tortures you endured there already.
Danni must have brainwashed you while you were there.

Hey G old buddy, can you fit me into your suitcase too!
Hope you all have a great time, which I just know you will.

CeeCee said...

Jealous, just plain jealous.
Oh, and have a good trip. :)
Can I sit next to you (and your snacks!) next time I fly? Have great fun.

Gail said...

Got room for one more?
Loved your post...

CaliforniaGrammy said...

I just know you're going to have a whole bunch of fun, and I'm so proud of you just jumping and making a decision so spontaneously like this. I'm not sure why I feel proud, because I don't even know you . . . really . . . I'm just a very spontaneous kind of person also, so I feel pride for someone else to just try it! Have a great time, hope it's not too wet!

frugalmom said...

Danni: Really. I thought I told you that. Oh, and yes, you do.

Farmer Jen: Thanks! Im sure we will both have lots to say.

Angie: Calendar? I havent seen one of those around here....

J.J.: Hi! About time you peeked your little head out and said hi. I know tho, right? Can you believe it? Me....spontaneous....who knew.

sugarcreekstuff: Cmon...I so didnt have time for all that....I mean, I brought my lip balm...that counts, right?

inadvertentfarmer: Well, I have to say...we have been here a few days and it has only rained once so far.....Im not sure what you guys are carrying on about, really.

Christy! Arent calendars great? Love them.

Greywolf: I know, right? Just wait till I tell you some of these stories.

CeeCee: Thanks! I know we all will have a super great time. Oh...and of course. Ill share my snacks. Im a good sharer.

Gail: Thanks for stopping by. Theres always room for one more, isnt there?

CaliforniaGrammy: Awww....thanks for being proud of me and my spur of the moment fun! It has all worked out wonderfully. Which may mean that I will try it again!