Monday, August 17, 2009

lotta loupes

We have been watching these little guys for quite some time now.

Around K's bday they looked very pretty...very cantaloupey.

I was hoping for some ripe ones last week, but sadly it didnt play out that way.

Yesterday, tho, I went out for the daily harvest and just look what I found.

5 pretty little things.

I scrubbed up all 3 pounds and 6 ounces of it and let it rest a minute. Man, the whole kitchen smelled like melon.

And that was even before I cut it open.

I scooped out the seeds.

Cut it up.

And YUM.

You cant have this piece tho. I already promised to share it with someone else.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Nice melons, Marc. :-) :-) :-)

Farmer Jen said...

You have some very lovely melons there! I am envious.

goatgirl said...

I can't imagine what it would be like to be able to grow melons! Yum.
I notice ya didn't cut them open while Danni was there.
I'm just sayin'

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Hmpf. Those dern things weren't RIPE while I was there. I would sneak out at night and speak softly and gently to them...begging them to ripen, so I might have a taste before I left...but nooooo.....hmpf.

Rosie said...

Wish we could get melons to grow here, think I am going to get a nice greenhouse and see if I can't encourage some meloning going on!!

farm mom said...

YUM! I swear, those are like my FAV garden treat. There is nothing like a ripe one fresh from the garden. Sigh. They totally ruin the store bought one for ya too. Glad you had such good luch with them this year, my friend.

warren said...

I like your melons too!

the inadvertent farmer said...

Ohhh those are beautiful all lined up on your counter...I can almost smell them!!! Kim said...

Those are perfectly beautiful cantaloupes! I could smell it when you cut that one.

linda m said...

There is nothing better in the whole world than fresh picked fruit! :)

J.J. said...

Wow, who knew so many people liked your melons ;) My kids love melon. I wish I liked it too. I love the smell, there's just something about the taste that I can't quite like.

frugalmom said...

danni: That says it all. Im just sayin.

Farmer jen: I have so many right now...I could send you some pony express!

goatgirl: I tell ya, I tried so hard to get those darn things to ripen while she was here....good thing I had Darby here to distract her.

Rosie: I bet melons would love it in a greenhouse.

farm mom: Mmmmm...they are a very tasty treat. Thats for sure. Did you grow some this year?

warren: Thanks. (Blush)

IF: I just saw your melons, too. Well, one of your melons. :)

Penny: Didnt it smell great? Hey, have you seen that Dewberry candle? I swear I see that commercial on tv all the time now that you introduced me to a dewberry.

linda m: I have to agree with you. It sure makes the winter time hard to get thru!

J.J: Right? Who knew? Whats that you say? Your kids like melons? I may just have to drop some off on your porch....when youre not looking. said...

No, I haven't seen the dewberry candle commercial - I bet it smells yummy! Have you figured out if you have them there? The berry looks very much like a blackberry - but dewberries (at least around here) grow on a scraggly bush, and the berries are much larger. They are usually a little more tart than blackberries - although we've picked some that were very sweet. They come in just after the blackberries do around here.