Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sad and Happy

We had a crazy storm here the other night. Heavy rains, strong know, typical weather for the Midwest.

It made me sad tho, to walk out after the storm and find this.

Look how sad this little guy looks.

I was able to get them all staked up before the next batch of rain came thru.

We will have to see how this big guy does. He was blown completely flat to the ground and his roots were actually pulled from the soil. Hes not looking so good. Sigh.

If he does manage to pull thru, this is what he will look like.

Isnt he a beautiful color? Hes called Chocolate. I know, right? Did I find the perfect fit for me or what? If only I could find one called M and M now...then Id be all set.

Look at the side of the house. Can you see it?

Here, come closer....nice, black dirt was blown all over the siding. Doesnt look so pretty, but it will be an easy thing to take care of.

But on to the happy. Today was school supply shopping day. SSSD. One of the kids favorite things to do. Cant you tell?

Heres the countdown. We take countdowns very seriously around here.

May I go, too?

Please, may I go?

Im sorry, Darbster. I KNOW there are other pups that get to go shopping at Target. Im just not brave enough to take you into Target yet. Someday soon,okay?

Heading into the store.

Supply Heaven.

Spending his time wisely.

Ohhhh...A new Sharpie. Too bad that wasnt on K's list!

Lovely new binders.

All our loot.

Can you believe that all that stuff in the cart fit in these two bags? Yeah, well, my wallet cant believe it either.


CeeCee said...

I hate that when they manage to stick $150 worth of stuff into one or two bags!

I hope the shelf for your DDs locker works out. Our shelves (3 different kinds) never fit.

Your sunflowers look great. I bet they make it just fine. :)

frugalmom said...

Hi CeeCee: I am a little concerned over the locker shelf myself. I have forewarned her that it may not fit....I never had luck with them at school. And now they make the lockers so darn narrow, Im not sure how they even fit their winter coats in there(not that you would have that particular issue!)

Diane said...

I've got a milk crate in my locker at work.. I wonder if that would work in her's..
I didn't know the sunflower was going to be that color..thats just beautiful!!
Hope you all had fun school shopping..I used to just love doing that with you kids.. m

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Wow...this was a very eventful post. I'm not sure what to comment on first.
Wiat, yes, I do. Good job on the quick sunflower recovery effort - I'll bet they pull through just fine. They're pretty hardy fellows. That chocolate one is gorgeous!!
I'll bet G. would just LOVE to wash off that splattered siding for you. Or you could do it and he could hold his umbrella. :-)
And, were we ALL at Target yesterday? Well, 'cept for pooooooor Darby, who got left at home.
While we were there, Aidan walked around the corner from the toy section (Yes, at 17, he still visits the Target toy section) and I hear this "Ohhhh noooooo". I peek around the corner to find him glumly looking at that enormous school supply section. :-) Wish we'd run into you there. Then we REALLY would've had some fun!!

Farmer Jen said...

I can't believe it's already time for "back to school" shopping. Where did summer go?

Your sunflowers are beautiful. They'll recover from the storm. We are supposed to get a storm passing through tomorrow. I hope it cools us off a bit.

My word verification says "flogit" Flog what? said...

I LOVE that chocolate sunflower. So pretty and chocolatey looking. I like the sad yellow guy too - I hope he makes it. You did a great job staking them all back up.

How's that mutant squash thingy doing? Is it growing like crazy? Know what it is yet? I'm afraid to check mine. I think it's breathing now.

Did you get the recipe I sent you?

Zitrone said...

Just ask farmgirl. We used to do our school supply shopping the night before school started. That way it added constructively to the confusion and mayhem of the next morning...
And, yes, I was at Target yesterday. It was the utmost in excitement for someone in a neck brace!
Wolfi did not go, however.

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Dang, I feel like I truly missed something by not going to Target!

Sure hope that chocolate sunflower perks back up . . . what a gorgeous color!

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Dang, I feel like I truly missed something by not going to Target!

Sure hope that chocolate sunflower perks back up . . . what a gorgeous color!