Monday, October 12, 2009

Over the weekend

After 3 solid days of rain, the gray skies finally moved out and made room for some pretty blue ones.

That said, we decided to load up and do some fun stuff.

We saw chickens.

And goats.

And pigs.

And sheep.

J was determined that if he sat there long enough with some food in his hands that they would come to him. Sadly, that didnt happen.

G on a mission with the farmer. They had things to do.

Top secret things.

G did some serious jumping.

And some serious falling, too.

I went to my beautiful cousins house. Shes having a baby!

And she was having cake, too.

AND she was texting, too. But not to me right in the other room, I promise. I mean, who does that?

And this guy?

He lost 2 teeth in the past 2 days. See?

And this girl?

After much thinking, she decided it was time for a change....almost 5 inches of change to be exact.

And I really think she has grown that many inches, too.

We had a busy weekend. Im pretty sure I need a nap just thinking about it all.


Farmer Jen said...

Great weekend fun! Your daughter's hair looks great!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

My favorite picture is still the action shot of G. jumping off the rock. That one's frame-worthy in my opinion.
And K's hair is beautiful - it makes her look so much older! She has such poise, it's incredible.
Please tell J. to stop losing teeth immediately. Miss D. is just looking out for him and doesn't want him to have to gum his food. Although peanut butter and yogurt is gum-able.

Diane said...

Love Love Love the new hair style..and I think G is going to be a natural on a farm..when you get one of your own..I'll happen soon..J is going to get rich with losing all those teeth..
m said...

Ohhhh! What fun! And your cousin is truly beautiful. Your kids are just gorgeous. Every single one of them. And now we have your rain.