Monday, October 5, 2009

Road trip with a side of yay!

A few days ago I packed my suitcase and my snack bag and went with my ma up to Michigan to visit some family. A road trip!

Well, a little over halfway into the the 5 hour trip, I was looking out the window, cuz thats what you do when youre in the car, and I saw a huge pasture with lots of animals in it. Okay, so thats not so out of place in the Midwest...upon closer observation tho(as close as you can do when the car is speeding along at 75 mph) I said...OMG, ma. Those are LLAMAS! There had to have been like 40 of them, at least.

She says, do you wanna turn around? And I look at her and say, nah.... Are you kidding me? Hell yeah, lets turn around! So, we took the next exit and drove around a bit, asked a gas station attendant and some people pumping gas if they knew how to get to the llama farm...they laughed a little at the idea of a llama farm(jerks), but no, they had no idea what we were talking about. Hmpf.

We headed back the way we came, got back on the interstate, and drove past the farm again to get some better landmarks. Thats when ma noticed the railroad tracks
that ran along behind the would think that I would have noticed that. Seeings how I have one that I can see from my back window at home, but nope, I didnt. So, we make our way to the tracks and kinda follow them for a bit hoping that at some point we will just run into the llama farm. Yeah, that didnt happen.

But I did see this cute little bike while we were driving around.

Finally, before we just gave up, ma decided to pull into this little flower stand.

We walked in and ma asked the owner if she knew of the farm. She asked us a few questions about it and tho she wasnt certain, she thought she knew the place and proceeded to give us some directions.

Back in the car we go...looking for the railroad tracks again....and lo and behold...

Sigh....Im in heaven.

Ma heads to the front door to see if anyone is around. And I head to the fence.

To see the pretty llamas. hand was nudged by a llama head.

We walked a little further back on the drive thinking that maybe somebody would be back there and unable to hear us....sadly, nobody was home.

After a bit more looking, we began to feel a little funny hanging around when the owners werent there. So, we made our way back to the car.

Not before I said goodbye to these gals tho.

Later, when we got to our "real" destination, I set about looking for the farm online. While we were at the farm I had seen a livestock trailer tucked away next to the barn that had some info on it. I sent them an email asking if we could stop back by on our way home. I didnt hear from them and was a little sad about that, but when we got home I received an email from them stating that they had been at a llama show in WI. They were sorry that they had missed me, but went on to say that I was more than welcome to come back anytime and they would let me visit with the llamas and answer any questions that I may have. This made me very happy.

I see another road trip in my future!


Lilla said...

Wow, how cool is that? You got a reply from the llama mama and an open invitation to go visit! Whoppee!

Sounds like your mom totally gets you and your obsession with llamas. What a sweet mom she is. And that chicken took that one just for Penny, didn't you?

sugarcreekstuff said...


my wv is heninoo, sounds like llama speak to me. :-)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Hey, could I get some french fries to go with that side of yay? I love french fries.
I love that your mom didn't hesitate to turn around to get you to those llamas!
Did they let you pet them?

My wv is stostsyn, which is Russian llama-speak.

Farmer Jen said...

Your Ma is great! (I used to call my Mom "Ma" sometimes too)You are both very fun and adventurous women. What luck to find that farm and the nice people who run it.

Well, my wv is "monsal". Must be French llama-speak. said...

OHMYGOSH - you saw llamas and chickens! That is a total omen. BOTH are in your future. No doubt about that.

And what a sweetheart your ma is. Turning around around and seeking out that farm and all. That is the sweetest dang thing!

My WV is demetr. That's southern for "dija meet her"? I think it's talking about the llama/chicken owner. Stupid WV. You said you didn't meet her!

BTW - please tell me when you're traveling. You know I hate it when I'm robbed of worrying time.

It's me ...Mavis said...

This is exactly why I love road just never know what you are going to find.

J.J. said...

I think you were in heaven!!

Egghead said...

Oh the best kind of trip....a llama trip.