Saturday, October 24, 2009

Catching up

Sigh. Its not even the end of October and already I am missing the sights of summer.

And the treasures that you dig up when its at the peak of the gardening season.

Sadly, the cooler weather is upon us. But, I am happy to report that in the firewood arena, we are WAY better off then we were last season.

The dumb, stinky ol Asian beetles are back with a vengeance.

Vacuuming them off the ceiling is just another Fall tradition around here.

And something else? Grammy and G have been having discussions on how to stay warm and cozy in your bed when its so cold outside.

G was very intrigued by the idea of having hot water AND a bottle in his bed.

So, Grammy(being the wonderful sharer that she is) said that he could borrow it and see how he liked it. Because, you know, water in your bed is a great idea to begin with, but when you add a 3 year old to the mix...well, heck, its a party waiting to happen!

And Oh Boy! Did he ever like it.

There is clearly a technique to this.

And now we bring the feet together, just so. But still in a fully upright position.

And then back. To a full on recline.

Thankfully, the water stayed in the bottle.


Jen's Farmily said...

I agree. I'm already missing the warm weather. Just the thought of snow and ice is making me shiver. I guess on the positive side, there's only 5 months (or so) until Spring! ;)

Zitrone said...

As much as I love summer, I am delighted with our first real rain. It brings down the colorful leaves which cover everything on our road, in our garden, in our gutters...
But hot water bottles! So remind me of my childhood. And they really do still make them, don't they? The wood pile looks fabulous. Can't wait to start making fires in our fireplace. Bill has already brought in logs from our wood pile. Cozy. Wanna come and sit by it with us? If it's cold enough when you get here?

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Um, I'd just like to say that a hot water bottle and socks are MUST HAVES for going to bed on a chilly night. Could you ask G. please, though, what about the doorknobs? Won't they get cold if he keeps his socks on his feet?
Our wood pile isn't nearly so evenly cut and stacked. Will that last you the whole winter?
S. has got great vacuuming style. Being as tall as he is, do you think he'd mind getting the cobwebs down from the corners of my vaulted ceiling? That'd be awfully nice of him. :-) said...

Aaaccckk - we've got those stinky ol' Asian beetles here too. Well, they're about gone now, but it's downright spooky sitting down to watch TV and seeing those little buggers gathering above your head...... You're mom is the best! Introducing G to a water bottle - and then providing one for him to use for a while! But when I saw those socks I thought the same as Danni - what about those poor door knobs???????

frugalmom said...

Jens family: Thats the way to stay positive!!! Come on, Spring!!

Zitrone: They do still make those hot water bottles. Just ask G and my ma. They both have very good things to say about them. I love sitting by the fire. Sitting by the fire and chatting with you would be lovely. Thank you for inviting me. But, okay, how cold does it have to be before the fire gets started? Cuz, you know, Im thinking 55 degrees or so is a great time to start. :-)

danni: G says that he has spare socks that he can use for the doorknobs. But they have to be changed he says. Right before he goes to bed....because once he falls asleep in his bed then he cant get up to do that. snort.
The firewood is going to have to last....I will have to be very conservative to make it do that.
Oh, and I didnt ask S about the cobwebs. But im sure hed be happy to help you. And if hes not tall enough then Ill just stand on his shoulders to reach them. Im not sure why you havent done this already, tho...:-) I mean, that boy of yours is pretty tall...and I know for a fact that he gives out piggy back Im sure hed be more than happy to let you stand on his shoulders.

Penny: I dont like those beetles at all. And they really stink. Have you ever smelled them? If not, you should do that.

inadvertent farmer said...

I miss the warm weather too! So glad the water didn't leak, had that happen once and it wasn't good!