Sunday, February 14, 2010

Quite shocking

Winter not only brings us brings us this, too.

In varying styles!

And to all ages and sizes.

We come about it in the natural rubbing our feet on the ground, of course.

But we also like to put our own spin on things. The rubbing of the head in the corner of the couch....

For an intense charge. That makes you curl into a ball.

Then we have the blanket effect.

Which at times looks like a blessing is being given.

But Im quite sure it doesnt feel like that when it gets passed out!

And then when you add that little white furry pup to the mix the sparks really begin to fly.

See? Things just begin to get crazy.


Zitrone said...

There is lots more room in the last picture. Can I play too?

Is that Darby's lower half in the right side of the photo? Even half of her is cute!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

You guys are SILLY! :-)
Shocking, indeed...but what a great time! I didn't know that hair could go wild just from rubbing your feet on the ground...usually when I do that, it zaps the heck out of me, but my hair stays normal. Maybe it's an Illinois thing? lol

Sarah said...

isn't static fun? And sometimes not! I have aweful static issues at home because the air is so dry there, especially in winter!

warren said...

That looks like fun...I seem to remember doing something like that...but it's been a long time since I had any hair so I can't be sure!

CeeCee said...

Static makes me crazy in the winter. Make me want to cut my hair off. The tickling on my face makes me feel like bugs are crawling on. I'm glad someone enjoys it. :) said...

I'm with CeeCee on this one - not a big static fan. And getting shocked by it is definitely one of my least favorite things..... but it is fun looking at your kids enjoying it!

logan said...

Now you just need to turn off the lights and get a light show!

frugalmom said...

HI Zitrone: Of course you can play, too. Come on over! I bet Wolfie would like to come as well.
danni: We *are* silly, arent we? We like to have fun. :-)
sarah: Yeah, its fun for a little bit. Then, not so much. And especially not when it happens with almost everything you touch.
warren: I dont think you could play this game. Maybe you could be the ref.
ceecee: Wow. Ill make sure not to invite you over to play this game, okay? :-) I dont want you to go home and tell all your friends that I made you play a game that made you feel like you had bugs crawling on your face.
penny: So, you can enjoy it from a distance...Not to worry. Im sure I will remember this piece of info about you and use it against you later...ahahahhahah!
michelle: or logan....which is it??? Ooooo..yeah, like sparklers....pretty.