Monday, September 6, 2010

What have we been up to, you ask?

Well, my ma is in town for a visit.

I have a renovation project taking place in my lower level bathroom/laundry room. When its all said and done it will be a brand new space with a shower added to it.

I think the concrete breaking was the hardest part for me thus far. As it left my space looking like this for a day or so.

And it just didnt seem right to me to see tree roots where my bathroom floor
should be.

So, I was happy to see this pull into the driveway. And if I was was happy, imagine what G was thinking. He was beside himself with glee as he watched the concrete pouring out of that mixer.

I was even happier to see my floor put back together.

You cant have fresh concrete without hand prints.

And names written in.

And it gives me great peace to know that G is keeping an eye on all the
construction for me. This window has become his spot to check in with the workers.

I have been looking for all things tile. Yes, in this huge warehouse of a flooring store.

And vinyl didnt seem to have any trouble keeping up with the amount of choices I had to look through.

Its a good thing that G wasnt with me on this trip.

As that roll of vinyl had to be placed in the van just right so that I could take it home.

We went on a spur of the moment trip to Seattle.

The fresh doughnuts at the Pike Place Market are a very tasty treat. And worth standing in line for.

And now?

Well now, since I have finally found these jelly items that my husband has been requesting....

Now, there will be some grape jelly going on. To use up the grapes that are overflowing on our grape vines.

Please tell me things will slow down soon....


CeeCee said...

Wow! Big project. Glad G. was there to keep those workers honest. :)
Things will slow down......until soccer and band concerts start up.

Farmer Jen said...

Nice post to catch up with what's going on with you all. Sounds like a busy and productive time.

Peppermint Ph.D. said...

Yum! Grape jelly! Please post your process!

Kelly said...

It's so wonderful to see your progress. It never slows down...till winter. ;)

Sarah said...

busy busy! Looks like it will all pay off in the end though! Can't wait to see the finished projects...all of them!