Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A friend at the farm!

We have a visitor this week. His name is Jake.
 Some friends of ours went away for Thanksgiving and so Jake got to come hang out with us on the farm. He seems to love sitting right here.

In front of the bay window.

So that he can keep an eye on all the animals out there.
He even recruited some help.
And J told him what a great job he was doing keeping such a watchful vigil.
But dont let him fool you. Hes a little sneaky sneakster. 

You see it was cupcake baking day here on the farm.
In case you didnt hear, I have begun the C.P.P over here. Other wise known as the Cupcake Perfection Program. This weeks cupcake? The Boston Cream Cupcake. 

The batter was forming up pretty nicely.
And I got them all baked up pretty like.
But wait...heres where it gets a little crazy...I had to leave the kitchen. For just a minute, mind you. Fast enough to run upstairs and back down again.... And dont you know that little cheeky Jake ate 11 of my 24 cupcakes that were cooling on the counter. Thats right. Cupcake liner and all.  Hence the reason you see 13 cupcakes on this cooling tray.

His interest in the kitchen should have tipped me off. Not to mention that I had heard stories from his folks about crazy mishaps in the kitchen....but I was so trusting.
Yeah well, not anymore. Those cupcakes are going into the breadbox.
They can finish cooling in there. Safely.
Doesnt he just look like he has a tummy full of cupcakes?
Hmph. Well, at least they werent finished when he got to them. And dont worry...he was totally fine after eating all those cupcakes. Didnt even seem to phase him. 

But once I did get them finished I, of course, had to show him what he missed out on.
I think they turned out pretty nicely. Im just sayin.


drypond said...

O my sounds like Jake loved you cupcakes. So glad you got back in time to save some. Sounds like your going to have to keep your eye on that boy when your baking he is a cupcake hound. :-) Jake looks a lot like our BobO but taller and we have to keep a eye on him when I am cooking in the kitchen too. He got a good size piece of roast one time that T. left to close to the edge of the counter. Hope you have a great visit & fun time with Jake. And a very Happy Thanksgiving to you & your Family. said...

Eleven???? Seriously - eleven???? Holy-Cupcake-Eating-Puppies!!!! Well, I think Jake totally deserves to be a member of the C.P.P. Totally. He deserves a name tag for heaven's sake.

Those are some YUMMY looking cupcakes. All 13 of them. I bet they tasted yummy, too. Even before you Boston Creamed them - according to Jake :)

Diane said...

Those cupcakes look mighty tasty!!! Sounds like ole Jake missed out on the most tasty part..the filling!! Yummy!! Hope you all enjoyed them!!

GreyWolf said...

Jake was leaving you a message. He rated your baking, the first one was a taste test. He rated your baking a 10 by eating the others. Good Boy, Jake

Kay said...

Oh, I so understand what you went through! Our dog, a weimaraner, at lemon poppyseed cupcakes and the liners too. I think he got either six or eight of them. Never seemed to bother his stomach.

goatgirl said...

yummmmm, that made my stomach growl.

Lilla said...

He ate the liners too? Wow, I am impressed. I bet you saw some interesting poop after that binge! Those cupcakes look yummy, by the way.

Elise said...

Wow! What a little sneakster. But the cupcakes that were left look beautifully delicious!

my boomerang gang said...

just found your blog, we just started our 3 generation/farm blog your welcome to come along, pam

Anonymous said...

Hope you're doing alright. We haven't heard from you in so long! You are now the second blogger that I'm praying for and hoping to see a sign of life from.
Please let us know if something is going on that we can help with or pray for.
Southern MN Gal

frugalmom said...

Southern MN Gal: Thank you so much for your comment. Things here are really good. Just very busy. Cant seem to find time to get blogging in....It was very sweet of you to leave me a msg. Thank you for that.

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank goodness! Then being busy is a good problem to have as long as everything is well! :-) Thanks for the reply and we can't wait to see/read more stories about your farm life!
Southern MN Gal