Thursday, November 3, 2011

Is October already over?

Can you believe its November already? 

Seems like October went by in a flash. 

We carved pumpkins.


We had Halloween.

And, I began my new cold weather survival project. 

Thats right. Cupcakes are going to get me through the winter. Those cold, dreary, gray days....when Im missing the sunshine and its too cold to play outside....Ill be making cupcakes. Im referring to this endeavor as the Cupcake Perfection Program. Or the C.P.P. for short. I know, it sounds very official, right? You should join. Ill make you a name tag. 

That cupcake you saw earlier was last weeks cupcake. A dark chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting. It turned out quite delightful and family and friends gave it a thumbs up. 

My main goal in all this is to keep my sanity through the winter. Im not a big fan of winter in case you didnt know that already. But also, I really would like to have a go to cupcake. You know, the one thats there for you always....the one you can count on in a flash. I mean, G is just 5....I still have lots of classroom parties to get through. So, the perfection will be making that perfect chocolate and perfect vanilla cupcake. Of course, making all kinds of everything in between. 

This weeks cupcake began with chocolate. Hard to go wrong with that, huh?

The end result is the black bottom cupcake. 

And boy, was it ever tasty. And very simple to make with very few ingredients. 

I began with a book from the library. It was all about cupcakes. Turned out that the pictures were very pretty, but the cupcakes just werent that good. So, then the natural progression was to get online and just look around. I discovered this great blog thats all about cooking....and from there I tried out these last two cupcakes I mentioned...with my own revisions, of course. 

So, thats where Ill be this cold weather season. And theres a high probability that I may have to be rolled out of the house come Spring time.


fullfreezer said...

Mmmm.... cupcakes....

What a great sanity keeper. But I think I may stick to trying to perfect a couple of breads. I'm still working on the perfect baguette.


drypond said...

Loved the kids outfits for Halloween and the carved pumpkins looked like y'all had fun. The cupcakes look so yummy. I make the friendship breads to keep my sanity and just mite try a few cupcakes along the way this winter.

frugalmom said...

Fullfreezer: Ooooo...bread...I may have to try that next winter.

Drypond: I loved seeing your blog name on your comment! :-)

Erienne said...

I highly recommend the blog 52 cupcakes to you.

You won't be sorry.

Erienne said...

Oh hmm she does not seem to update quite as much. however her archives are definitely worth a peek. said...

Ohhhhhh. Where do I sign up for the C.P.P. club? Those look positively yummy.

And I love those pumpkins! You've got some cute little pumpkin carvers there. But wait..... where are their C.P.P. name tags???

linda m said...

So are you going to share your cupcake recipes with all of us?

Anonymous said...

We are not allowed to bring home made goodies in to the kids classrooms. Everything must be store bought and still in the original packaging. I wish we lived by you so that I could make home made stuff and send it in. Enjoy your winter. Love ya, Kelly