Monday, May 28, 2007

Hair ye, Hair ye!

Over at OMSH, she is contemplating a new hair do. Let it grow, cut it, shave it...that is always the question, right? Different days you will get different answers!

She has stepped up and let us, the viewers/readers decide. We get an update every couple weeks of her hair progress via pics and commentary and then we vote on what we think she should do. So far, she has to sweat it out some more...keep it growing is what we all decided. Sound fun, yes! Am I brave enuf to post my hair in transition every couple weeks. I think not. There are mornings when I don't even want to see it myself, much less show it off to millions!(As if millions will ever read my blog)(I can dream, right?)

I did however tell her I would post a pic of what I am working towards. I am brave enuf to do that! And if you want to you can see a pic of what I have now. (Gotta scroll down a ways)

This is what I am shootin for. Minus the color. I don't do color. As much as my best girlfriend would like me to and tries to talk me's not gonna happen!


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Very cute!

boogiemum said...

I love that do, very cool!

OMSH said...

My hair can't even think of doing it. Is there a curly version. I'd have to move to a state with zero humidity and carry around a straightening iron.

BUT YOU have the hair for this, and you don't look like you are too far from the mark.

I like it - very fairy nymph-ish. :)

frugalmom said...

Thanks everyone!

omsh: Your hair doesn't look that curly! Texas,like Illinois I am sorry to say are not humidity free. Don't we wish!

I think I have about 4 or 5 more cuts to go before I am there. Patience! Got some I can borrow?