Thursday, May 24, 2007

What in the sam hill?

My husband's cousin was over here a couple nights ago. Wait. I'm gonna say our cousin. I mean, even tho I am only related to her because of the mere fact that I married her cousin. I love her to death and am I gonna say she is mine, too. She is mine. There, I said it. She is super sweet, comes to visit me(which is asking a lot!), loves to hang out with my kids, and has great big goals in mind for what she wants to do with herself and her life. She has a plan. Gotta love a young adult with a plan. Best of all? She is a great role model and example for my kids to look up to. She has a good head on her shoulders and knows how to use it.

So, when she was here and showed me this package she had gotten in the mail...well, to say the least, we were both appalled. Any ideas on what it is?

Here is another hint.

For all of you that answered a cigarette ad, give yourself a hand. Now this is not just any ol' ad. This is a full service ad. Complete with a user's guide and a gift certificate booklet and everything. I am surprised that there wasn't a pack of smokes right in the box, too. Here, take a look.

Yep, BOGO. Just like at Payless Shoes , but we ain't talking shoes, are we? Now, if you are like us, then by now you are just completely disgusted and shocked and angry and ....look at the nifty little booklet that comes with it.

Now, I am all for supporting the arts. I want my kids to have an appreciation for them one day, just as I do. Not this kind, tho. Not these artists. The ones that are trying to make a cigarette pack look cool and trendy in hope that they will sell more. Especially to kids? Don't think so.

The only folks hosting smoker-friendly events? Is there such a thing? Should smoker and friendly be in the same sentence together? Smoking is not friendly. It does not do friendly things to your body. It does not make you friendly, friendlier, or friendliest.
And the real kicker? I'm one of you now? What in the sam hill? You'll let me know when you are whipping up any new smokes?

Let me just say. What the H E double hockey sticks, ever. I don't want to be one of you. And I don't want you catering your advertising to young adults. My cousin is not even 21, yet. She is not even of the legal drinking age. So, what? Let's catch her now and get her on to smokes before the big gun drinking folks come in and get her first? Because, what? Both of those things are so darn good for you to do in the first place.

Camel people, you should be ashamed of yourself. Down right ashamed.

The good news. My cousin was as equally disgusted as me at the whole idea. So, take that Camel people. You didn't win this one over. One less person you have in your corner. One more for mine!


jj said...

Are you kidding me??!!! That is awful!! I can't believe that they send this stuff to college age kids. I'm glad that she has such a good head on her shoulders. She's lucky to have you guys so close to her, and the kids are lucky to have someone to look up to that is that age.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Hey, found you on another blog...hope you don't mind me popping the name by the way! As a former smoker, I can't believe that they are targeting young kids...actually, yes I can, that's when to get them because they think they can try it and quit any time they want. I said the same thing in high school and finally quit 15 years later. It was one of the hardest things I did too. I think it's horrible that they are mailing things to young adults!!!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Hey, me again. I was just reading through some of your blogs and you might be interested in knowing that we actually raise antibiotic free hogs.

frugalmom said...

Frazzled Farm Wife: Thanks for stopping by! I love having people over! Are you in the Midwest?

Gena said...

My 12-year-old daughter got one of these as well. I think that not only are they targeting younsters, but they are specifically targeting females. What gives? I've also noticed these ads in many magazines. It is pretty disgusting.

frugalmom said...

Gena: 12 yrs old? What the heck? That is just not right. It is awful.