Saturday, May 12, 2007

It's here, It Is Here!!!!!

Hooray, hooray.

Okay, Okay. I have to tell you all about this fantastic person. Well, I don't really know her. Not in real life anyway. But I do know her in cyberspace and if I am lucky one day I WILL get to meet her in real life. She is one of my most favorite bloggers in the whole, wide world. Why, you ask? Even if you don't ask. She is real and funny and loves her kids all the way t0 the core(and her husband!) and she has great values and great advice and I just plain like her.

And no, I am not brown-nosing just because she had this fabulously, fantastic contest. I don't have to. I already won! Ha.

So, my story goes something like this: She had the contest and I entered and I won.

Don't worry, it gets better. I never win anything. I entered anyway. Just because, how could I not. I see this great prize and my adrenaline starts going and I see myself with the prize and how happy I would be to have it. It's like one of those dream sequences in the movies...where it gets all soft and fuzzy and the music is real nice and good things happen to you. Yep, just like that.

So. I get a note in my mailbox from the postal carrier saying that he attempted to deliver my package but could not. No, he did not. I was home all day. Nobody ever came to my door. Hmpph. Now I have to wait till tomorrow. And go to the post office. Okay, I don't have to go to the post office. It says I could have it redelivered, but then I would have to wait even longer. So, off to the post office we go. I actually tried to take a picture of my picking up the package at the post office, but you try to juggle the package, your wallet and keys, a plump 1 yr old and your camera. Not gonna happen. So this is what we did.

We are so excited. Even about the box itself.

And then we get to open it! Okay, so some of us are more excited with the bubble wrap.

Drum roll, please.

Isn't it the most beauteous thing you have ever seen in your whole life? I know you are jealous. And just because it is a baby tote, does not mean the only way you can carry it is if you have a baby. Nope, not at all. It is so stylish it can stand all on its own.

This is my old diaper bag. Which I have to say is also very near and dear to my heart. It was given to me by a priest who lives here in the states, but comes from Uganda. He bought it for me when he went home last time, He said I was sposed to carry it to the market, but I get so much food it wouldn't have worked well for me that way.

And because I know you are just totally wanting to know what I put in my new baby tote. I will show you.

Let's see. I have some bibs and and a burp cloth, and some cloth wipes, and my new cloth diapers(that I just switched to--another entry all together on that), and a diaper cover, and a clean outfit, and some medicine and some band-aids and some anti-bacterial hand gel...and I must say. I have tons of room left in this bag. What else do I need to take that would fill up more space? I hate empty space. I may have to just put all my purse stuff in there when I go out. That would take up some space. Oh, and I need a diaper tote for dirty diapers that I can use when I have to change him when I am out...thinking out loud helps me sometimes. Thanks. That was helpful.

Oh, and here I am holding my new bag.

Umm...wait. This was the part where I asked my 8 yr old son to take a picture of my new bag. Can you see it? That tiny little bit of pink in the corner. Yeah, he needs a little work on focus. He tried again.

I love my new bag. Thank you so much OMSH. You rock!


OMSH said...

YEA! And thank you,thank you, thank you for the picture. I'm just so thrilled you got it! It is PERFECT. And switching to cloth diapers to boot! I'm grinning from ear to ear!

kerflop said...

Yay! Congratulations, it is so awesome, and it looks great on you!

Adria said...

Congrats! It's a gorgeous bag.


Anonymous said...

I love your new look, especially the one year old on the other hip.
Love ya, sis