Friday, October 24, 2008

4th Annual Pumpkin Carving Party

Yep, thats right. This is our 4th year at hosting our pumpkin carving party, And we're still going strong! I think this was maybe our largest turn out yet at about 35 folks...including kids of all ages.

Of course, you cant have a Halloween party without decorations.

A couple hours before the guests arrived my ma and the kids locked themselves in the garage and made everything all spooky like.

Theres G again with his signature...Oh my goodness...and the clapping.

Everyone brought a dish to share. I made a few desserts that seemed to hit the spot.

This one in particular seemed to be quite popular. (Thanks for keeping me company Angie, while I waited for this thing to cool earlier!)

The way this all works is that you bring a dish to share and also your own stash of pumpkins. I have all the carving tools and patterns, if you so choose to use them. Most of the time everyone just wings it and ends up with some pretty great jack o lanterns. We all eat, laugh, hang out, and then carve, carve, carve.

There are times when you just have to be a little taller. I can so relate to that. I am not above using a chair to make my life easier. Its so refreshing to me to see that the kiddos arent either. Altho...Im sure they wont have to use a chair every year....I on the the other hand....lets just say that a stool is a great sidekick to have.

If I were to take a poll this evening Im pretty sure that it would come back saying that scooping out the pumpkins is everyones least favorite part. In fact, I think K would be the delegated spokesperson for that. She had a lot to say here....Whats that, hunny? Huh? You need help? No time, no time...I have to take more pictures....youre doing a great job tho. Really.

J was nearly the LAST one done. He really put alot of thought into his carving. Im sure it didnt help that his pumpkin had a rind that was like 6 inches thick...he was just sawing and carving....carving and sawing. Determination....thats always a great thing to have.

The party began at 6 and I think it was almost 9 before we got to engage in the lighting wasnt nearly as fancy as that one that they did for the Olympics with the whole zip line thing...but it turned out quite nice, if I do say so myself. Quite nice.

So, now the house is settled down with night time noises...sleeping kids, dryers drying, and dishwashers running. I really need to clean the garage I say to myself. There is pumpkin goo and pumpkin seeds aplenty out there....pumpkin tools that need washed, tablecovers to be taken off, floors that needs to be swept.....but alas, this is what was calling me....

warm, flannel jammies....and the nice cozy couch.....with my feet on the sweet, little ottoman......all that other stuff? It will still be there in the morning.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

What a fun event - I'm so sorry I missed it! :-) I loved the picture of all those lit pumpkins.
And the desserts look amazing!

I felt like G. as I scrolled through the pics...."Oh my goodness!" :-)

Anonymous said...

Aw! I'm so glad you had a great time...and an excellent turn out too! Sooo....where was your madonna costume?

CeeCee said...

Looks like a good time was had by all! Love the jacko'lanterns.

Country Girl said...

Your carvings came out good. What a great tradition. When the kids are over trick or treating we hope to start an annual barn party.

Gnightgirl said...

I just ran into someone that asked me about my old punkin parties. I promised them next year....these pix make me wistful.


It's not party without the ceremonial biting of the rind.

sugarcreekstuff said...

We carve in my MIL's garage, she doesn't decorate hers though. Yours looked amazing!
Did those bars have chocolate and peanut butter?? I don't think I live so far away that they wouldn't have been worth a road trip.
I love your warm froggy PJ's.

frugalmom said...

Danni: Im sorry you missed it, too. It would have been fun to have you here.

Angie: costume? It was at the cleaners.

ceecee: I think everybody did have a great time. The pumpkins turned out great, too!

country girl: The kids look forward to the party every year. Their friends do almost as much as them it seems. Im really glad we have made it a tradition.

gnightgirl: NO! No biting of the rind. That was at your house after everyone had had a little too much to drink.

sugarcreekstuff: The kids had a great time helping grammy decorate the garage. When you come to my place I will be sure to make you those chocolate treats. They had chocolate, peanut butter, caramel, and like a nougat....was supposed to be comparable to a snickers bar. They seemed to go pretty quickly! froggy cozy.

Vonda said...

This looks like a fun tradition and I love the photo with all the pumpkins lit. How cool is that?

frugalmom said...

Hi Vonda: Thanks for stopping by. The kids really enjoy the pumpkin party. Shhhh.... dont tell them...but, I do too! Its a great thing to look forward to in the fall.

Farmer Jen said...

Great post! I love all those lit up pumpkins! We are having our (much smaller) carving party tomorrow night. In my kitchen.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea to have it in the garage - no messy house!

Erica said...

Looks like you had a great turnout and it sounds like a lot of fun :)